My Emergency Room Excursion

Thursday, May, 9, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

The thing in my eye got to me

It all started back on Tuesday, while doing some arc welding, I got a hot piece of slag in my left eye.

It bothered me all day while kayaking. I wasn’t sure a piece of something was in there or not? Wednesday morning, when I got up, it didn’t hurt much, so I went kayaking again, and as the day progressed that darned eye hurt more and more and was running water. That night, I decided I was going to have to have it looked at, but where. I’m a Vet, and I use the VA, but they don’t’ do much if they can avoid it on short notice.

This morning, when I got up, the eye wasn’t hurting too much, but I was feeling not too good and had a mild headache.

I called the VA.  After talking with them, they said to use the emergency at a hospital, so, I drove myself to Palm Drive Hospital in Sebastopol.

Check in wasn’t too bad, I only had to enter information on several forms that the lady yellow highlighted the parts I had to fell in, so that wasn’t too bad. I was dreading the FORMS thing. :O)

I waited less than ten minutes and a man came out to get me to do blood pressure and stuff. He said he’d skip the, wear your goggles lecture and I should have had some one drive me there too. He asked if I welded stainless steel, which I didn’t. He had a sail boat that needed some stainless steel rails made and was looking for someone to do it, that wouldn’t cost him so much, as they are very expensive. I knew a guy that did this, so that got me in good with those guys.

They put me in a little room and shortly the doc came in. He put a bunch of stuff in my eye, and took a look and flecked something out of it, then we went to the eye scope and he found a bigger piece embedded in my eye, which he dug out. Said that was going to hurt me later, as it’s like pulling out a weed, a whole lot of earth comes with it.

They decided I needed a Titus shot too, so the nurse gave me one. She was good and I didn’t even feel it.

I carefully drove home and went straight to the coach where I stayed most of the day. When I went outside the day was just too bright and I still wasn’t feeling too well.

Tonight, I’m feeling a bit better and so is the eye. It still hurts, but not nearly as much and it finally stopped watering all over the place. The piece of slag in my eye was not in the visual part, which was fortunate.

Things like this remind me how we seem to take our eyes for granted all the time. Without them, I wouldn’t have this blog, since it’s called Bob’s Eyes, eh? :O)

Not quite as good a day as some others, but, my eye is fixed, so it was a good day. :O)

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