Shopping to Work on the Van Projects

Friday, Nov. 16, 2112, Guerneville, CA.

Off to Santa Rosa shopping and looking today.

When I woke up this morning, it sounded like it was lightly raining and sure enough, when I finally pulled myself out of bed, it was raining a bit, so it seemed like a good idea to go do some shopping in Santa Rosa, I needed a few things, but even more I needed to look for stuff to install my new under the van propane tank I just got. Installing the tank is the easy part, but then I have to plumb the propane into the inside of the van and have all the pressures right for each hookup. And it all has to be done right for safety reasons, can’t take any chances on that propane getting away and causing some big van problem. But how to hook it up and where to find the stuff to do it at a reasonable price. Some things have to be right, like regulator pressures, but some of the other stuff, one has to make choices on.

Like, if I use steel tubing or rubber type hoses for the installation. They both have their good and bad points. Usually, you hook steel pipe up with metal fittings which make the job easy, but there is always the possibility of these things coming loose and leaking. The rubber hoses use clamps which usually don’t come loose so in some ways are safer, but the rubber can also rot.

So far, I’ve decided to use a combination. The metal pipes will fit inside the rubber hoses, so if I hook the pipes to the rubber hoses and use clamps, I think this might be the best way to go. The rubber should last a long time because it is mostly inside the van where it is fairly well protected. I did find some regulators that will work, but I still need another type that I haven’t found yet, but have some new leads to keep looking. I think I need to try a big RV store to see what they have for this kind of stuff?

While I was shopping I also checked some stuff out that I might need to have when I install my new injector system that is on it’s way. Most of the stuff comes in the kit I bought, but I may need to change the air filter to something else, not sure yet, but it’s good to see what’s available just in case. I think I may have found something that will work for that if I need it at Pep Boy’s auto parts.

So, I had some success and some not so successful, but I’m on my way  in finding and figuring out what I need. A lot of times, it’s not the job that is the hassle, it’s finding the stuff to do the job. :O)

Spent the rest of the day visiting.

After that, I did some visiting as long as I was over there. I stopped by my friend Marty’s to see how we were doing on the planning of the trip up to Boonville to transplant some fruit trees that we need to get done soon as he is leaving for Quartzsite AZ in a short time. I think we got enough planning done, now he has to touch bases with the other guy that is going and set a date, so all that is in motion.

One of the problems I realized we had, is the trees are about ten feet in length and we don’t want to cut them down so there’ll still be enough that might stay above what the deer can eat easily. These trees are to be planted out in the woods, so if they are going to make it, they have to get high enough to avoid deer, or the deer will kill them. Marty suggested he can come get them with his van, so that’s good. We can tie them all up in a little bundle and put a tarp around them. I also told him to bring his special digging tool as I was likely going to dig a better trail down to his bathroom so he doesn’t break his neck. His mountain  name is Tangle Foot, so I better get with the program.

Then I stopped at another guys house on the way home and gave him all the pictures he lost in a computer crash and told him he better learn to back up his own stuff as I wasn’t his backup and don’t expect me to keep his pictures for him. One time, I’ll do it, but I expect people to take care of their own stuff most of the time. I have enough trouble keeping up with my own stuff. Just so happened I took most of those pics for him, but it’s his responsibility to keep them, not mine. You try to beat a point in. :O) And this was his second time he lost them.

When I left there, it had gotten dark and it was raining moderately. The ride home reminded me why it was so dangerous to drive under these kinds of conditions, better to be safely at home.  I made it safely home ok.

I think I learned enough today to get started on my projects, the injector kit should be here in a couple days, which I’m raring to go on and think I know enough now to get her done. I can continue with the propane tank hookup while I’m doing that, along with a few other things that need done on the van, like take care of the leaky front door seals, to keep the snow out.

Had another great day.

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