Fat, Lazy ol Harbor Seals

Wednesday, June 5, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Kayaked Jenner to the state walk-in, boat-in camp sites and back

What to do today? Stay home and do some more yard work, or………….go down to Jenner for a kayak. OK, the second choice won out easily. I sleep a little latter than usual this morning, so I made it down there around noon.

Just a light breeze and a bit warm, most of the fog was lifting as I arrived. Looked to be a real nice day. Good day to go up the river a bit. I was thinking of going up the river around four miles to the deepest hole in the river, Marcum Hole, fifty feet deep.

So, off I went. This time I went up the north river bank until I got up by Eagle’s landing, then I crossed over to the south shore side and continued on up the river.

Of course I stopped along the way and took my time going up river, but I had to move a little faster today if I wanted to get up there and back again.

I spied a bird on the shore line near some reeds, so I got this picture of it. I don’t remember what it’s called, but it is a little shore bird I see in estuaries.



Just past the shore bird I went past this old pile of wood. I’d guess it’s the scrap boards from a saw mill that must have been here during the late 1800’s. It’s a huge pile of redwood slabs. Most likely the scarp left from cutting good boards. It’s a huge pile and goes under the ground on he shore line too.

That’s the highway 1 bridge in the back ground.



Here’s a view of what the river looked like as I paddled up, just past the Willow Creek area. Up there as far as you can see is where I’m gong today.



There is an area of old redwood logs where some seals like to hang out. These logs have some of the friendliest seals on the river. It’s the only place they let you get close without them leaving in a hurry.



They must be eating good, as they seemed nice and fat and real lazy, not wanting to move much.

Interesting how their back feet seem to curl around the tail as can be seen in the photo below. Note the toe nails back there too.



Here is a close up face shot of one of these harbor seals.



I went on up past the seals to Marcum hole where I sat for awhile then went on up the river another half mile. I paddled up to the boat-in camp area. There were two guys there cutting brush so they can open the camp sites this year.  I turned around and headed back down the river. I was getting hungry so I put ashore on Penny Island and hunted up some berries. I ate until I had my fell, a bit tart, they could use some more sun shine.

Now that I was full, I headed back to the take out and was off the water around 5:30 PM and went home for a nap.

I found that some one had left a wooden cigar box on a chair with directions on how to make a trailer ball hitch attachment for their little four wheeler, so I cut metal for that and drilled it out for the mounts. That only took about an hour and was good for another nap.

Then I went back outside and took off the old steering stabilizer on my van because it needed replacing as it leaked out all it’s oil on the old one.

That took about another hour and I was done for the day.

Nice day.

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