Making Heat Baffles for the Van’s Radiator

Monday August 16, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Warm day

It was fairly warm when I got it going today so I did a lot of chair hopping and thinking about how to make the rest of the van’s radiator baffles.

Baffle construction

I took the two pieces of metal I cut yesterday and began to turn them into baffles for the sides of the radiator.metal1



I had to bend them to fit the spot they were to go.bender2


As the day warmed up I did some more chair hopping and a nap or two until it started to cool down a bit in the evening.

The chickens were ready to get out into the front yard so I opened the gate for them.gate3


Completing the baffles

Each baffle needed to be hand fit so I worked on that and got them mostly finished up and ready to go. I need to do one more baffle for the bottom and then I can finish it all up.baffles4


I put a sprinkler on in the yard in the late afternoon.water5


Eating fruit

And I ate some of these grapes.grapes6


And some of the mulberries that were black and ripe.mulberries7


Helping the citrus trees grow

And the last thing I did before dark was to fertilize my citrus trees.

I used fish emulsion so had to mix it up trying not to get any on me as it smells pretty bad.fertilizer8


The citrus trees are starting to grow more since I’ve been giving them some fertilizer.citrus9


Nice day.

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