Barry’s Project, My Harness, My New Freezer and Another Baffle

Tuesday August 17, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Barry’s project

I heard something outside around noon. It was my brother Barry with his dirt bike going for a ride up in the hills. I just got up so I decided not to go and get something to eat instead.

Barry had a little project for me to weld up. He just needed a nut welded onto a quarter inch threaded rod, so I did that after I got something to eat.

Where’s my wiring harness

After eating I  made a call to the guys back East that are building my computer wiring harness for the van that got burned up. I wanted to see when it would ship as I need it soon if I want to make a trip Marty and I are planning.

To  my surprise I told the lady my name and she said it just shipped, she did it fifteen minutes ago. I got an email saying it would arrive Monday but later got another one saying it would arrive this Friday, even better.

Baffle work

I had one more baffle to make for the van’s radiator, the bottom one. I got all the measurements and cut out a piece of  sheet steel to form what I needed. I drilled the three mounting holes too.baffle


I tried it out and it fit pretty good. I have a few more holes to drill in the other baffles and some tweaking to do and maybe some paint and that should be completed, maybe tomorrow.baffles


New freezer

I got an email in the afternoon saying my new freezer would arrive on time so that was also good, as one never knows when one will get things these days.


In the evening I checked on the chicks that were in for the night. They sure are growing fast.chicks



And the hens were all in their roost for the night.hens



It was a warm day but it almost always cools off around here in the late afternoon. It did so, so I chair hopped around the yard as the sun went behind the hills to the


And the moon popped up to make it’s  swing to the west.moon


Nice day.

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