Finishing Up the Van’s Burnt Up Wiring Repairs Mostly

Saturday August 21, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Burnt up engine wire replacement

My plan today was to figure out all the loose wires that I have not hooked up yet. So one by one I figured each one out and hooked it up and crossed it off the list hoping I did it all right.

I worked here under the van and in the battery compartment to hook up all the power wires from the batteries to various places on the van.van1


Battery compartment hookups

I finished hooking up all the wires in the battery compartment but didn’t  hook up the batteries yet as I was going to do that tomorrow.baatts2


I had all the wires taken care of earlier than I thought I would so I decided to go ahead and hook up the battery for the big test. Did I get all the wires right, would any burn up if I didn’t.

Must of hooked up stuff the right way

I hooked up the battery and there were no sparks or wires burning up, that’s good. Then I tried the key and tried turning the engine over and it worked.

So I  used the starter to turn the engine over to set it up on the number one spark plug so I could time the distributor.

The distributor

The distributor goes down there in this spot.engine3


I got the new distributor out to check it out. I need to make sure I time it to the engine but decided to do that tomorrow as the day was getting late.distributor4


I worked at a fairly slow pace today doing some chair hopping to figure out what to do before I started each task and one by one got things done.


Here’s what one’s hands look like after picking and eating some black mulberries. The red spots seem to get on your clothes somehow too.hand5


I was sitting in this spot enjoying the evening with my chickens.birrds6


Sweet Pea

Whenever I sit down that’s a signal for Sweet Pea to hop up on my lap for a bit.hen7



Just before dark I collected the eggs from the nesting boxes.eggs8


Nice day.

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