Fixing the Car’s Radiator Leak and Moving a Gate Panel

Tuesday February 15, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Car radiator repair

I noticed my car’s radiator was leaking yesterday but forgot about it. But I remembered it last night so today I thought I better have a look at it to find out what’s leaking.

Better prep

It turned out to be the same place I tried to repair last time with epoxy. I bet I didn’t clean things off good enough when I repaired it last time so this time I brushed the area with a wire brush and used soap on it, rinsed it off and used the air gun to dry it


Split tube sealed up

This time I decided to use GE silicone on it to see how that works. I put a coat of silicone on the split tube and will put another coat on it this evening.radiator


I likely should  just order a new radiator as this one is in pretty bad shape.


I’ve been thinking I need some more gates in my yard so it’s easier to get around the fences for the chickens but I’d need to get some more rebar to make them.

Gate panel

I figured I could move this one in this pen that was supposed to be a vegetable garden but the chickens fly over the fence and get into it so it’s not good for growing vegetables unless they are for the chickens.panelgate


This used to be my vegetable garden, but since it’s not anymore I stole the gate out of it as it has a couple more gates into it anyway.gardem


Panel moved and installed

I installed the gate panel here and hooked the fence wires up to the panel. The gate wasn’t only for me but to also let the chickens into this pen to graze.gate


All wired up

Then I took the piece of fence wire I cut out to install the gate panel and put it in the hole I made when I removed the gate panel.wire


I got around to putting another coat of silicone on the car’s radiator just before dark.

Tearing it up

And I let the chickens into this plot of my brother’s vegetable garden to eat all the bugs and stuff. They love getting into a new spot and tear everything up, jut what the garden needs.chickens


Nice day.

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