Fools on the Russian River Jetty

Friday July 4, 2014 Jenner CA.

But first I work on the great ditch project

Being a holiday, I decided to stay home for a bit and do some work on the great ditch project. I have about thirty feet left to dig. Some bamboo leaves needed raked up and the water hoses moved to start the project, so I did that. While I was resting up, my friend Bryce came by and we shot the bull and I didn’t get any more dug on the ditch.

Kayak Jenner

Around two PM, I headed on down to Jenner thinking most of the people had mostly already gone home for the day. Most people have about two hours of kayaking before they are beat and head on home for the day, so I do this when things are going to be busy down at Jenner, especially, the parking lot and boat ramp.

That worked out good, as there were only a couple people putting in when I arrived.

They were nice enough to pull their truck over to one side of the ramp, so I could still back my car down. I thanked them for that, as a lot of  people aren’t that considerate.

The wind was up just a little, but not too bad. I headed on up the river right away on the north shore line, when I ran into these cormorants and merganser ducks. I’ve been noticing a lot of  the cormorants seem to have a lot of white on them lately, almost modeled, like the one on the left. I think this might indicate young birds that hatched out this year?cormorants


From there, I paddled over to rat nest beach were I had this view for awhile, while I sat there in my boat.view


This great blue heron landed right up in front of me. It just sat there taking it easy and was keeping one eye on me, just in case.heron


You can see the wind isn’t too bad as I paddled along heading back down to eagle’s landing.riverview


There weren’t as many birds around today with all the people out for the holiday.

I went by two merganser ducks on a redwood log as I passed by the east end of Penny Island headed down towards the river’s mouth.mergansers


River’s mouth area

As I approached the mouth, it was high tide and I saw Ken paddling around in his kayak just inside the mouth area. He knows what he’s doing and is dressed right to go into the ocean. As always, I am not dressed right and I stay inside the river and out of the ocean.ken


The ocean was real rough and sometimes big waves would break over the jetty.

People need watching as a lot of them don’t have a clue

While I was sitting there watching, two people walked out on the jetty. Are they dumb enough to walk out on the wet part where the big waves occasionally are breaking over?mouth


Yes, they are. See, the part of the jetty they are on is all wet from big waves breaking over it at unexpected times. If one hits them, they will get washed into the rocks you see there.jetty


Apparently, the state life guard saw them and is heading their way. Will he get there in time to keep them safe?people


He pulled up in his truck and jumped out and walked out onto the jetty, just a little ways and motioned for them to come in off the jetty. He was no dummy and didn’t go out far on the jetty himself as he’s seen what the big waves can do when they hit.

Disaster avoided

That disaster was avoided and I headed back to the west end of Penny Island were these terns and seagulls were resting on the gravel.terns


Berries on my mind

I went up the back side of the island in the channel, letting the wind carry me along at a slow pace. When I got to the east end of the island, berries where on my mind, so I went ashore and ate a few as there aren’t too many left.

This is were I went ashore on Penny island for a walk and some berries.kayak


It’s evening, about six PM now as I left Penny Island and headed on in to the ramp for the day.

This is what it looked like on the river as I headed in, looking back over the tree on Penny Island.jenner

By this time, there weren’t many people left in Jenner, so I got the boat out of the water and went on home for the day.

I was a bit tired out, so just sat around and rested up for the rest of the day in my yard.

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