Forest Work, Brush, a Walk, Roads, Rocks, and a Spring

Monday May 6, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Forest work

I had some brush to trim on my cousin’s place. I drove on up there and parked here.hondo1

Brush is always growing out in the road. This is some of the brush I trimmed and got off the road.brush1


As I trimmed out the brush I spotted an old road that went down the hill from here, so my curiosity made me go for a little hike to check it out. Always good for more exercise.The old road went down through a meadow and would make a nice trail.

Road study

The next thing I did was to drive on down this road to study how to improve it so it drains better and doesn’t wash out all the time and create erosion problems.road3


This area slid last winter and needs to be cleaned up, moving those big stumps.stumps3

All these logs on the right side need to be removed so the slide can be cleaned up and the ditch put back in.stumps4


After that, I rode on over to the rock slide for some rocks.rockslide6

I loaded up with the rocks I thought I would need.rock7

Then I drove on over to my pond and parked.pond9


And I walked over to this spring which was near the pond.spring8

I installed a temporary piece of black pipe to extend the spring out to the road so it was easier to get a drink of water.water9

This is the flow from that spring and I got a drink of water.water11

My clay dam looks like it’s holding up well. I’ll finish up putting this spring together soon, once I get a stainless screen for it.spring12

Memorial area

I stopped here to unload the rocks I’d gathered.hole13

And unloaded them for future use.rocks14

From there I headed on home for some chair hopping. I looked at the mower but didn’t feel like mowing today as I’d already gotten enough exercise.mower16

Nice day.

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