Giving Up My Old Toyota and Installing the Pipeline Pipe

Wednesday May 29, 2024 Guerneville CA.

So long Old Toyota

The reason Gerald, Barry’s nephew came down here was to look at my old Toyota to see if he wanted to buy it.

I’ve had this thing for years so it has many good memories of past experiences with it. I do have mixed feelings on losing it. But at least Gerald is going to give it all the TLC it needs.

I just don’t really need it anymore and so it sits and slowly falls apart.

We are loading the top in this

He’s borrowing Tom’s trailer to transport it to his home. He needs new tires on the trailer, so we took them off and also checked the wheel bearings. Bearings were good after tightening one of them up a bit.loaded

Pipeline work

Once that was done we rode on up to where we’ve been working on the pipeline to get the pipe installed.

Barry cuts a log off the pipeline trail.log3

We all worked on pulling the plastic pipe down the trail to where it will end right here.outlet4

Then we worked on getting the pipe on the trail and putting enough dirt on the pipe to  hold it in place on the trail.pipelay5

Gerald is standing on the dirt that I knocked down on the pipe while I walk ahead and put some dirt on the next spot.gerald6

You can see the dirt I knocked down just behind me that holds the pipe in place.pipebury7

Some parts I didn’t get a chance to finish the trail for the pipe which was ok as it wasn’t the steeper sections. The pipe goes right through here and on up the hill headed for a spring.pipe8

Barry and Tom are standing up by the spring and Gerald and I are almost there putting the pipe on the trail to the spring.pipeline9

We were good and tired out when we made it up onto the road where the spring was located.pipedone10


We hooked the just laid down pipe to this spring. I eventually will bury the pipe where it crosses the road, but not today as I was tired out enough.spring11

Gerald and Barry and I rode on down to the bottom to see if any water was coming out the exit yet. It just started as we got there.water12

New pond

This is the spot where the water comes out. I dug it out just a bit and it seemed to be holding water. I’ll likely make the hole just a little larger at a later time, but it doesn’t need to be real big as this is just a little watering hole for birds and animals and for us to get a drink of water.pond13

Road crossing

We all headed for home from there. I stopped on the way to dig this small ditch to bury the pipe where it goes across this road.crossing14

I headed on home for a much needed rest after that and did some chair hopping and ate quite a few cherries before the birds eat them all.


One could say this isn’t much of a sunset,…………….But.

It’s actually a real nice sunset. One can’t really ask for a better sunset than a blue sky.sunset15

Nice day.

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  1. Barb says:

    You sure work hard for an older guy.
    Sorry but your post from 2015 dated you.
    Glad you’re able & keep on going & going & going!
    Have I told you lately I enjoy reading your blog?
    Have a nice day, Bob!

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