Salvaging Some Old Water Pipe with Barry and Gerald and Eating Cherries

Tuesday May 28, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Plastic pipe

Barry and his nephew Gerald came by this morning to do some work on the pipeline project.

There was some old plastic pipe in the forest that I wanted to salvage to use on the new spring pipeline, but the trick was to get it out of where it was which wasn’t ‘going to be easy.

I parked the rig here.rig1

We hooked the pipe to my rig and I pulled it tight, but it got stuck, so the guys headed down into here to try and free up the pipe.forest2

It was my job to pull the pipe when I could, trying not to break the pipe or the rope. I was able to pull a little, but the pipe kept getting stuck and had to be delt with down the hill by my helpers.rope3

My helpers where down in there someplace. I had walkie talkies that worked pretty good until my battery went dead.forest4

We finally determined that the old pipe had too much water in it and Barry and Gerald let it out and then the pipe moved rather easily.

I pulled my part of the pipe out and Barry drug the other piece out. Tom just happened to come by, so  he and Barry hooked his piece of pipe to Tom’s rig and he pulled it up to where I was.rigs

We drug the pipes over to the other spring where it will get used, and dropped it off and went on home.

We were all pretty tired out after working on that.

Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Congratulations. Team effort.

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