Cherries and Water, Pipeline Work, and Pipe Gathering

Sunday May 26, 2024 Guerneville CA.


The cherries on the cherry trees are starting to get ripe, so I started the day partaking of them. The birds are also working on them. They are just starting to ripen and if the birds don’t eat all of them they will get much riper and tastier. If you wait until they get real ripe before eating some, you might not get any because of the birds.cherries1


I put the sprinkler on the avocado trees to give them a drink of spring water as all our  houses are on spring water.water2

Forest work

Barry and Gerald shower up just after noon, so we loaded up tools and lunches to head up into the hills to work on the pipeline.ready3

I only had two Pulaski’s which was the tools we needed today, so Gerald and I rode up to the pipeline trail and got to work while Barry went for a bike ride and then retired to his hammock at the top of the hill.

Pipeline work

I followed Gerald up the pipeline trail to work on the trail.gerald4

We worked a few hours and got good and tired out. Here’s Gerald after a hard days work on the trail.rig5

Gathering old pipe

I  knew where there was some old black plastic pipe not far from where we were working on the pipeline so Gerald and I headed on over there to try and pull it up the hill so we could use it on the pipeline. Barry ran into us on the way and joined us  to help out.

Barry and Gerald went down into there to try and hook a rope on the pipe so Hondo could pull it up the hill and out of there.rigging6

You can see them down there hooking the rope to the pipe.pipe7

We got the rope attached to the pipe as best we could and brought the rope up onto the road so I could pull it.rope8

They are fastening the rope to Hondo’s tow ball for pulling.hookup9

Hondo gave a good pull but the rope broke, then the next time it broke the pipe.

Tom showed up to help out too. But what ever we did that darn pipe wasn’t going to move,10

After trying to pull that pipe up the hill a few times, I said let’s quit that for the day and come back tomorrow and try again. Tomorrow I plan to pull the pipe enough to put a lot of tension on it and then go down walking along the pipe to find out where it is hung up.

Another pipe

Barry took off on his dirt bike for a ride and Gerald and I took Hondo over to where I knew there was another pipe, although much smaller.

We got the pipe onto the road and then pulled it to a place to store it for now along one of the roads.pipe11

We went on home from there a bit tired out. We did get some good exercise.

Van work

Later in the evening after a good nap, I went outside to do some more work on the van’s solar controller project. I finished up the wiring and tidied it all up with some zip ties and sealed up all the places the wires went through the battery box with silicone.

Nice day.

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