Guerneville Elementary School Reunion and a Paddle At Jenner

Monday September 13, 2021 Jenner CA.

Paddle day

I met my Guerneville elementary school reunion people down at the Jenner boat ramp at 11:30 this morning for a paddle. We put our boats in the water and headed across the river to Penny Island and then headed down towards the ocean at a slow pace.ramp1


Here we are crossing over to Penny Island.paddling2



There were some brown pelicans there that we paddled by.pels3


Nice day

The wind was down as we headed to the mouth area. The water was real blue as the salty ocean water was coming into the river because it was high tide.group4


We stopped here to get a group picture.group5


End of the river

The ocean was real rough as we paddled by all these birds headed to the end of the river to the right.birds6


Checking out the ocean

The group wanted to land in the sand and take a look at the Pacific ocean so we landed and had a look.beached7


Here we are checking out the ocean.ocean8


Lunch time

Rob wanted lunch so he sat down and had it while the rest of us shot the bull.lunch9


We put our boats back in the water and headed back up the river.gang11


Going by this group of brown pelicans.pelicans10


I’m following Rob and we are headed to the right of all those birds on the end of the island and we are headed up the back channel.rob


It was a great day

We made it back to the boat ramp where we all agreed it was a great day on the river.

They went to their rental house and I went home for a rest.

Evening chit chat

Later in the evening I joined the group at the rental house where we all had a good time chatting.deck12


When it got dark we adjourned to the house and chatted some more.chatting13


Eventually they went to bed after a busy day and I went on home.

Nice day.

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  1. Annie H says:

    Thanks you for the post about our Guerneville group, nice to see the faces! Looks like a good time. Happy Trails Bob!

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