Hard Time Shopping and a Nice Visit With Joe

Tuesday May 19, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Headed out shopping

I got my mask and headed out in the van for a test drive to go shopping.

I don’t really like to shop especially now with the virus thing going on but someone has to do it so I do. :O)

Van’s missing bad

Well, right away I could tell  I didn’t get the bad miss in the van fixed the other day. It was missing badly even making the van shake, but I keep going as I wanted to see if it cleared as the van warmed up. It didn’t but at least the van kept going. I’ll have to work on that.

Chicken feed

The first place I went was the feed store to pick up some chicken feed I’d ordered a few weeks ago. The order was delayed because of the virus thing.

Messed up road construction

I picked it all up and paid for it and took off for the next stop, Harbor Freight. Bad problem there as they were doing some pavement on the street there. They blocked off all the roads and stores going left which I thought sucked on their part. I had to drive bumper to bumper until I got to the frontage road at the freeway where I could make a left turn and go around and come in the back way which I wasn’t sure where I was going. But a couple wrong turns and I made it to the store where I made my purchases.

Not that way

When I left I changed my route to stay away form that plugged up road.

No one  knows anything anymore

The next stop was Home Depot. I asked three different employees where the heck the springs were like what is used on screen doors. First they sent me to screen doors, no springs. The next person sent me to the hardware section which I’d already looked in but I looked very carefully again. I forgot where the third person sent me. I also needed some little metal pulleys which I couldn’t find until I thought maybe in the rope section. Sure enough I found them there. Those three employees didn’t know where they were either.

Some luck

And then I got lucky and found the springs there too. I use the springs on my chicken doors to keep them closed.

At least chocolate bars

Next over to Wally’s. I needed some new T-shirts but they were all out of stock. I needed some gray spray paint but they were all out of those too. I did find some big chocolate bars that are corn free and bough five of them and some avocados, so better than not finding anything.

Enough shopping

OK shopping is done and I headed home and stopped to visit my friend Joe. I was surprised to find him selling starts for vegetable plants. He was doing a good business as with the virus thing and the food shortage problems lots of people are planting a garden for the first time in their lives. After his customers left we toured his garden. He has a great garden and I wished I’d brought my camera.

Almost home

After that I headed on home again stopping at the local gas station to fell up the van and finally home for the day. That shopping really takes a lot out of me.

Feed shed

After a good break I unloaded the chicken feed into my feed shed. The chickens helped. Actually I let them in the shed to clean up the feed seeds I spill on the floor that way I don’t have to sweep them up.feed



I checked the incubator to make sue everything was working right and it was. Two more days until hatch day.incubator


After that I did some chair hopping and roaming around the yard finding a couple  more ripe raspberries.

And that was my day. Nice to get the shopping done and over with.

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2 Responses to Hard Time Shopping and a Nice Visit With Joe

  1. David says:

    Yo Bob, sounds like you might want to just go ahead and spring for a new cap and rotor and a top of the line set of plug wires. Hell of a start, anyway. I would like to know what is causing the miss. Later dude.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Some good and bad luck shopping, typical outing.
    Hope you find the van problem.
    Gotta get those raspberries quick before the birds!

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