Two Bears On the Way North in Colorado

Tuesday August 15, 2017 Colorado

Driving North all day

We left the Ute Mountain Casino around 9:30 this morning and continued driving North through Colorado.

We started out on  this nice paved road.ROAD1


That soon climbed up into a forest, just the way we like it.RAOD2


Discussing the route

We stopped here for a break and to discuss the route we’d try and take north.LUNCH


We stopped here to determine which way we’re supposed to go, left it is.road3


Later in the day we drove down this graveled road for miles.road4


Lunch time

We had lunch at this reservoir.lunch5


That was this reservoir.sign5


Looking for a camp spot

Around 4 PM we started to look for a place to spend the night, but there were few side roads.

We drove up this road on a ridge and were thinking this would work nicely for the night when the wind came up. We continued on after about five  minutes of that looking for a better camp site.camp1


Spied a small side road

I spied a small side road off highway 141 a few miles down the road so we checked it out. It seemed to be a spot near a river so we got our chairs



Marty said he saw a bear across the river from us and sure enough, he did. It appeared we caught the bear going up along the river on it’s opposite bank.bear


We watched as the bear worked it’s way past us going up river.bear1


But that wasn’t all

Marty says I think I see another bear up there too, maybe two.

We looked and finally saw this bear looking at us and not wanting to go by us like the other bear did.bear2


After a number of minutes that bear started up the hill to go up and around us to catch up with the other bear.bear3


That was exciting. We didn’t even have time to settle into camp and two bears go by.

The river

Later Marty and I walked over to the river. It’s the San Miguel river in Colorado.river


Looks like we are in here for the night.

Nice day.

Posted from Grant Colorado.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Well that would make moving on to the overnight spot worthwhile for you adventurers! Seeing a couple of bear at a distance, going the other way would be exciting! Nice photos of them too!

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