I Rode Up Into the Forest To Cut Up That Big Log

Sunday January 14, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Work in the forest

That big tree I wanted to cut, but my saw wouldn’t start, was still up there. I loaded up the chainsaw and headed that way.


I had to stop here and use the shovel on that drainage ditch I made a while back  as it was leaking a bit.ditch


Tree fall

Then I had to stop and cut this tree out of the way. It wasn’t there yesterday before the rain.tree2


I got that log cut up and out of the way.cuttree3


The big tree

I made it up to my cousin’s place to the big tree.bigtree4


I cut that small log in front and then made a cut in the big log behind it. That should be enough for Skiddy to push it out of the way when I get a chance.treecut5


Then I rode up to this spot and trimmed some brush out of the right side here.trimmedtrees6



I stopped  here at this spring for a drink of water. Yesterday’s rain sure brought the spring water volume up a lot. I need a name for this spring.spring7


Rotten log

I stopped here and removed this dead log stuff off the road that had rolled down the hill.logs8


Break spot

It was a fairly nice day with a few clouds in the sky as I sat in this spot for a break.sky9


Another tree to work on

My cousin told me about this tree across this road and the road above it so I headed for it to remove it.treedown10


First I went up to the upper road and cut the tree up hoping the other part of it would fall down on the bottom road more so it’d be easier to cut up.logs11


It only fell down a little but enough to get to it and cut it up.saw12


I sat down and took a break before throwing this stuff off the road. At my age, I work and sit and work and sit and I get the job done.cutup13


That was enough work and I got a lot of exercise and headed on home.

I sat around for the rest of the day with my chickens.chickens14


Blog transfer

The guy is working on fixing up the last stuff on my blog so I should get it transferred soon. I think he is from India and doesn’t work on weekends or even some of the week days. But he did come in tonight and is getting stuff done.

Nice day.

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