A Visit to Pleasant Lake, AZ.

Saturday, Mar. 9, 2013, Sun City West, AZ.

Started the day with more honey do’s

I’m still at Kathleen’s visiting. It’s not a bad place to sleep as there are no trains or freeways close by. There is a street over the back wall, but it seems to quiet down at night.

So, after a good night’s sleep and some time waking up this morning I started on my honey do list.

It’s been raining a lot here for a desert.

It rained last night and some this morning too, so I decided not to dig on the stump project as it might be a bit muddy and would be  harder to keep out of the house as well as sticking to me and not being any fun. I  had three or so electrical projects to do to start with, but as the day went by a couple more where added.

We took a ride up to Pleasant Lake to check it out and just for a break too. The lake was a bit on the huge side for me. We visited the visitor’s center which had some displays that we checked out.

The lake is not to my liking.

This was more  of a power boat type lake, ok for some kayakers, but not to my liking.

Lake Pleasant is in the picture below, as you can see the lake is huge.



Another view of Lake Pleasant, of the dam area is below.



The visitor’s center was fun.

I saw my first live Gila monster at the visitor’s center as you can see below.



There were also some stuffed birds on display there, so I snapped a couple pics just for fun.

Below is a close up of a Golden Eagle, stuffed.


Back home again.

We headed back to the house stopping at Home Depot to get some electrical parts. Kathleen decided she liked one of the wall lights for her bathroom, so we added that to the honey do list. :O)

Back to work

After a brief rest when we got home I started work on the electrical honey do’s. I worked on them until about five thirty and called it a day and got it all done.

Made some dinner and am now taking it easy.

Looks like tomorrow I’ll be back to digging out the stump.

Had a nice day.

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