Kathleen’s Stump is Out

Monday, Mar. 11, 2013, Sun City West, AZ.

Today’s task was to get that big stump out of the ground

I was going to get that big stump out of the ground today, no matter what.

Only problem was Kathleen hadn’t found me a digging bar yet. She was about ready to buy one when she decided to check with her neighbor next door. Lucky for me they had one and she went and got it for me.

I had cut around the stump yesterday and cut all the roots I could se, but. When I applied leverage with the digging bar, it barely moved, showing there were still some attached roots. I had to dig under it a bit, but I finally started to get it moving and I was able to push it over. It’s big and it’s heavy.

Kathleen try’s to push the stump

I told Kathleen she’d have to push it to the front yard as I as too beat to do it. Of course she just said she’d do it, so I watched her try.  It didn’t budge, so that was that. I moved it another six feet just to show it could be done. Her poor boy friend will get the job now. :O)

Below is a picture of the big stump just after I got it out of the ground.



Below is another picture of the big stump after I rolled it a ways.



I finished off that job and tidied up a bit, then did a couple other jobs.

Below is a picture of Kathleen’s back yard where I’ve spent most of my time this last week.



Leaving Sun City West

The back yard was sorta nice, but I think I could use some time in the desert, so tomorrow, I’m headed back to Quartzsite and I think I’ll head down to the Kofa Refuge for a a couple days or so.

Got that stump out and had a good day.

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