Kayaking Jenner and a Bracket I Built

Friday August 9, 2013 Jenner, CA.

I think I’m almost back to normal. It takes a while for me to adjust when I get back off one of my trips.

I went on down to Jenner this morning to kayak for the day. It was a bit nicer than yesterday. A bit warmer which was welcome, with some high fog. Not many people down there today either, only a couple people in kayaks and most of them left early so I had the place pretty much to myself, except for the birds and the seals.

I crossed over to Penny Island and headed on up to eagle’s landing on the south side of the river, taking my time. I puttered at Eagle’s landing for awhile then went up the river about a quarter mile or so before turning around and heading back down the river, down the backside of Penny island where I rested in the slot near the west end of the Island.

This is the view from the slot I rested in, looking across a lot of weeds toward the west end of Penny Island which had a lot of birds taking it easy on the shore.birds


After awhile, I headed across to the west end of Penny Island where I saw this Seagull jump up in air and dive for this little crab. Thousands of these little two inchish Dungeness crabs come into the rivers mouth during high tide at this time of the year. I’ve heard they walk in, but what I’ve seen a lot of them swim in on the high tide currents too.seagullcrab


The white pelicans were there today too. Here’s some of them standing in the water on the west end of Penny Island with Jenner in the background.pelicans2


Some where on the shoreline too with some of the other birds, seagulls and terns.pelicans


There were a lot of terns on the shore too. I see them hunting around the estuary. They do a power dive out of the air and into the water, disappearing until they surface, sometimes with a little fish. You never know when one of these guys will plummet out of the air and splash near you scaring the heck out of you, not knowing what happened until they pop back out of the water. Osprey sometimes do the same thing.terns


A close up, the one in the rear, may be a young one.IMG_8040


I paddled on down to the rivers mouth were it was wide open and the high tide was coming in. I like to sit in the foam that comes in from the ocean and watch, as the foam shows me where to sit without drifting all over the place. The foam pretty much stays in the same spot, until the tide changes again and then moves on out.mouthfoam


I stayed down at the river’s mouth for awhile then headed on in for the day, around four thirty P.M, where I went on home and did some puttering around.

During my last desert trip, my air filter bracket broke in the van so I needed to make a new one that would be stronger than the old one.

I cut and arc welded some metal together, sanded and painted it and the finished product is below. The paint dried enough for me to get it mounted on the van and it looks like it should work out ok

The bracket I built and painted for the van air cleaner.bracket

This last trip was the most severe shake out trip for the van. This trip was the best shake out so far. The trips before were mild, compared to the four wheeling and rough roads I traversed this trip, so now I think the van is good to go for most four wheeling stuff and all the stuff on the van has been tested and should work well now. New tires are in, and I just have to get down to get them installed

Another nice day.

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