Making Pipe Ends and Another Bridge

Sunday April 7, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Bumper pipe work

I didn’t much feel like it, but I got to work on the pipe ends. I laid some out and ground on them. I got two done and three more cut with the plasma cutter.pipes

This one is cut and ready to grind to fit, but not today.pipe

This is the sky when I was taking a break. I got about ten rain drops that hit me from today’s clouds.clouds

Eventually I got tired of working on the pipes so switched to making another bridge for the creek crossings.bridge

Now I have three bridges to install. I could use a few more, but these are the important ones so that will do for now.bridges

I finished up around dark.

Nice day.

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One Response to Making Pipe Ends and Another Bridge

  1. KennyD says:

    I think that’s why they invented square tubing. We don’t do very well at welding pipe.

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