New Armor, GoPro, Dirt Bike Ride and Some Electrical Work

Thursday February 17, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride in the forest

I was thinking of going kayaking today until I saw my brother Barry out front with his truck and dirt bike so it was going to be a dirt bike riding day which is good as riding the dirt bike is good to loosen my older muscles up a bit.

Body armor

Barry brought by some body armor for me, so I said I’d give it a try out so I rode with it today and it seemed ok, but a bit hard to get on and off.

All in all it wasn’t too bad so I’ll use it and evaluate it some more.armor



When I grew up riding dirt bikes they didn’t have much in safety equipment and the helmets mostly sucked so I only used one for highway riding. I still don’t like helmets for the type of dirt bike riding we do and although I have a good one, I still don’t like them.

It’s interesting but during the big forest fire I rode all around for a number of days helping all the fire guys and not once did anyone mention the fact I was helmet less and the fact the dirt bike didn’t have a license on it. I had a great time riding around and helping out.

GoPro Camera

He also gave me a GoPro camera so now I need to get the manual online for it and learn how to use it. It might provide some useful ideas that I can’t do with my other cameras.gopro


Riding out

It was a nice sunny day for a ride as we mounted up and took off for the hills.goride


Break spot

We took off going through the gates to get there and rode up and down and around and around and then headed for this overlook area for a much needed break. You can see Barry laying under that tree taking it easy.resting


The view looking south over the mountains. It’s actually real blue sky but the sun washed things out a bit for the camera.hilltops


More riding

Eventually we took off again to finish up the other half of our ride before heading back to my house.

A bit of electrical work

Barry took off for home and after a break I went over to a neighbor’s to do a little work on an electrical box which took me an hour or so.

Then it was back home for some chair hopping which I did until it was starting to get dark.

Nice day.


Back in the house I turned on YouTube to follow what the Trucker Revolt up in Canada was doing. I’ve been watching it unfold on YouTube and am totally amazed how badly the big news guys have par traded this event with much falseism if that is a word.

From what I can see it’s really about free choice. Not being forced to do something to your body that the government makes one do weather you like it or not and not being told that if you don’t get jabbed you lose your job. That’s simply cohesion and not freedom.

I’ll leave it at that, but from what I can see, what they are doing is standing up for the whole world by doing their protest.

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4 Responses to New Armor, GoPro, Dirt Bike Ride and Some Electrical Work

  1. Patritia I Richards says:

    Nice day you had.
    Thank you for supporting what our truckers are trying to do. I don’t talk about it in my blog and hardly outside of it, my in laws are dead against it all. Too bad they are willing to give up their rights so easily. .
    The truckers have been so peaceful, 3 cheers for what they support.

  2. A James says:

    Bob,in Canada peaceful protest is a given- illegal occupation & blockades are not- the trucks in Ottawa ( our Capital) are occupying & blocking residential & commercial areas.The police & politicians have been very tolerant but after 3 weeks enough is enough- they’ve all been given formal warning,twice & now they will be charged & pay big time.You should know : the Trucking Associations in US & Canada dissociate with these guys- both countries require the drivers be vaccinated so as not spread the pandemic further & over 95% of their members are.Also ,a number of far Right agitators have been involved & 13 were charged with a plot to assasinate officials & police & a large cache of weapons were seized. Not tolerated in Canada!

  3. Nancy K says:

    Totally with you on the protest. The center provinces have all cancelled their mandates, but some persist. Big thanks to the truckers on both sides of the border for their protests. I’m behind them 100%. It’s time to take our lives back and not be bullied into complying with regulations that never worked in the first place. Even other world countries are dropping their “rules”.

  4. Barb in Florida says:

    Hi Bob – I’ve been watching too. The whole world is watching Canada. If some of the nicest people on the planet are complaining, something’s wrong. Really wrong. You have to go to other sources to find the real news. They are not the only populations protesting. It is going on all around the world. Most bloggers are not talking about this as they don’t want to bring politics into their blog but since when did politicians dictate health mandates? Fjoebiden is wanting this for America. Get ready – trucks coming to DC.

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