Nice Day Doing Some Work In the Forest and Getting Some Exercise Too

Friday November 27, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Spring water line burial work

After taking care of the chickens this morning I sat around with them for awhile then decided to get some exercise.

I hopped on the quad runner after airing up the tires and rode it up to this spot and parked and got to work.quad


Digging a ditch

The black plastic spring water pipe goes up through here so that’s where I needed to dig a ditch for the pipe to bury it.pipe



I used my Pulaski to dig this ditch for the pipe.ditch


You can see the black plastic pie that I will bury now that the ditch is dug here.ditch2


I continued working making the ditch going up the hill.ditch3


I got the ditch done and was ready to put the pipe in the ditch and bury it.ditch4


Making a trail

I put all the pipe in the ditch and started putting some dirt over it like this making a trail.pipecover


It got dark on me a little being under all the trees but I kept working for a bit and had to lighten up these photos to see the trail that got formed. I’ll need to do some more work on the trail when I get time. This was some nice soft dirt to work in, in this spot.trail


Tired out and getting dark

I got the pipe mostly buried down to just above the quad runner before it got too dark and I got too tire to do more.trail2


I rode on home before it got too dark to need headlights.

I checked the chickens as they were in and up on their roost but they weren’t settled down yet so I came back a little later to close them up.

Free exercise

Doing some work in the forest is a good way to get some exercise without trying too hard. I got my share today.

Nice day working in the forest. It’s an enjoyable time of the year up there.

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