Forest Hike Looking for the State Park Boundary Signs

Thursday November 26, 2020 Guerneville Ca.

Thanksgiving day and off my fast

I came off my six days of fasting last night. I cooked up a chicken and some broth  and potatoes and had a good meal last night around ten of chicken and dumplings with potatoes.

Boy was that good after fasting. Yummy.

So this morning I cooked some more potatoes in the broth and added some dumplings and had another good meal so now I have some gas in my tank so I have some energy to do some stuff today.

Forest hike

So today I jumped on the dirt bike and rode up into the hills where I was hiking yesterday for another hike.

Boundary lines

I want to do some forest fire rehab work on some roads up the hill and I don’t want to get onto the State Parks property to stay out of trouble so I need to find some of the park boundary markers that are in the forest. Now these property line markers are in the forest but they’ve been there for many years and are falling apart so are hard to find.

That meant I ‘d have to hunt around for them.

I parked here and started up into the hills on the


I hiked up through here, fairly easy going.tree


And through these trees and ferns.hike


And through this old trail.trial


Property markers

The first property line sign I found was at this old tree stump that I put a ribbon on and then looked for the next one.ribbons


I made it over this log and found that blue sign just above the center.park


Stump cave

I went by this cave in this big tree stump and checked it out to see if any animals had lived in it. No, the dirt bottom wasn’t smooth so no animal had sleep there.cave


I thought this was a nice area as I walked on down through it to find the next sign.draw


This sign was in better shape then most of them. Sometimes all I found was the old redwood post laying on the ground.sign


Lost the dirt bike

After I was done I walked back up this road to get to the dirt bike but I couldn’t find it and had to look around for it. I’d forgotten I parked at the bottom today, not at the top which I finally realized after looking around and not finding it as I knew it couldn’t just move on me. Short older age memory set back which caused me to get a bit of extra exercise looking around.road


Good hike

That turned out to be a good hike which was good I was eating as that took a lot of energy and I was doing ok and not wearing out.

Once I got back down to the dirt bike I went for a ride stopping here to check out this water pipe line trail I cut last year. Soon I will cover up the pipe to complete this part now that the dirt is wet from the recent rains which will make it much easier to dig.waterline


Next I rode over to where the dozer was parked and checked a couple things on it to get it ready to do some work on the forest fire rehab. It needs some transmission oil and should be ready to go.dozer


From this spot I rode on down the hill and went on home for a short nap.

Helpful neighbors

When I got home I found the chickens had been let into the front yard. My neighbors know the chickens get into the front yard late in the day so they sometimes open the gate for them.

I sat around watching the chickens for what was left of the day.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I think we’ve all been there with the memory thing. Any more, I pay extra close attention to where I’m hiking and how to get back. That sure is pretty country.

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