Ocean Water Dives Under the Fresh River Water

Friday April 11, 2014 Jenner CA.

I got off to a late start today

I wasn’t feeling too good last night and this morning I was dragging my butt a little, so I got up and used the couch most of the day. By evening I was still feeling tired, but decided to do something for the day, so I went on down for an evening kayak at Jenner.

The weather man said clouds and 10 miles an hour for the wind. But when I arrived, it was almost no wind and had clouds. Well, that just meant I wasn’t going to see a sunset tonight. There was also supposed to be a big moon up there too, but that also stayed behind the clouds.

So, when I arrived, the wind was down to almost nothing as I put my boat in the water. No one else was on the water at this time which is the usually case, which was ok with me.

I paddled across the river to Penny Island where this big goose was on the shoreline. It let me get really close, so I suspect this is the other goose from the destroyed nest at Paddy’s rock, as I’d been visiting it for several days before the disaster and it had gotten used to me.goose


I continued  on up the river at my usual slow pace. This is the view as I went.riverview


I spent a good deal of time in this area across from Paddy’s rock just checking things out and enjoying myself.view


Eventually, I paddled across the river to Paddy’s rock where I got out of my boat and climbed up on Paddy’s rock to check out the goose nest to see if the eggs where gone yet. They were gone and this is all that is left of the nest. Just some goose down.nest


Here is my view from the top of Paddy’s rock looking down towards the town of Jenner.jenner


I got back in my boat and headed on down the river and down the back side of Penny Island.jenner2


There was a turkey vulture eating something on the shoreline. Aren’t they a cute bird? :O)vulture


I continued  on down to the river’s mouth area. Here are a few harbor seals on the beach as I passed.seals


The tide was turning to high and some sea water was coming into the river. I sat in the foam from it.mouth


The cold heavy salt water dives under the warm lighter fresh river water

The foam is from the ocean and shows where the ocean water is diving under the fresh warmer river water. It dives under it and flows up the river for a few miles under the fresh water. It’s an interesting thing, this ocean water diving under the fresh river water. It’s not what you’d expect to find, but it’s how it all works.

You can see the ripple of the salt water coming in, in this picture and it dives right down under the fresh water right at the left end of it. Since the foam is air, it stays on the top.salt


Since there was not going to be a sunset I could see tonight, I didn’t stay too long and headed back in.

This is the view as I approached the visitor center take out area.jenner3


I’ve found evening kayaking to be real nice once it warms up enough so it’s not too cold down there.

Had a nice time.

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  1. Dennis Olson says:

    – nice meeting you on the river Friday night, Bob. I think today I will bring my wife and her kayak along and paddle that same stretch between Willow Creek and Jenner. You take some nice photos, too!

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