Poison Oak Alley Trail Kayaking Jenner

Thursday April 10. 2014 Jenner CA.


I was a bit slow getting started this morning as that ditch digging I was doing yesterday had caught up with me.

But I got it going and went on down to Jenner to kayak for the day.

Ray and John were already in the water when I got there. I caught up to them and we headed on up the river at a very leisurely pace.

Just past Eagle’s landing Ray was poking into the bushes on the side of the river and I asked him what he found?

A dead Dungeness crab. There are lots of these guys in the estuary. They are dependent on salt water, so when the salt water changes to fresh for too long, they can die in numbers. Right now the estuary is changing all the time with lots of fresh water at this time of year.

We only saw one, so no telling what it died of?

The dead crab Ray found.crab


Over by Paddy’s rock, which was across from us were what’s left of the cormorants that have been resting there. Not many now, but the water is clearing so we’ll see if the numbers increase. With nesting time coming up strong, they may not be back as there are no cormorant nesting areas on the lower river as far as I know.cormorants


I didn’t see the other goose on the goose nest on the rocks either.

We went up a little further where we took it easy for awhile before heading back down the river in this spot.water


We decided to go for a walk. We landed at Swamp Rock beach.kayaks


We tried to make it to swamp rock which you can see on the hillside over there.swamprock


We didn’t make it over there because of the swamp water that is here this time of year.swamp


So, we got on poison oak trail that goes up along the river shoreline.trail


Light fog was moving in and out today.jenner


We made it up to eagle’s landing for this view and turned around there.elanding


After that we got back in our boats and John went in for the day and Ray and I continued around Penny island.

There were some terns resting on the west end of the island.terns


Our view heading back to the launch area today. A bit foggy, but still a real nice day.foggy


That was pretty much it for the day.

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