Heading South On Desert Roads Through Eastern Oregon

Tuesday September 28, 2021 Oregon Desert Road Trip

Published two posts today. The one under this one is the first one.

  Desert travel day

Once we got it going this morning we continued on up Burnt River Canyon Road. It was very bad with washboard.burntrd1


We went by a place that said we’d camped in a members only meadow, some kind of placer mining area. No one ran us out in the night so no problem.

The plan

Today the plan was to travel down desert type roads headed south and west, staying off main roads as much as possible so that’s what you are going to see today.

We cruised on though here with lots of washboard we had to slow down for.road2


Eventually we broke out of the Burnt Canyon and headed on down this desert road by this cattle ranch. Lots of nice clouds in the sky today.cart3


Sorta the right direction

I only had a sorta route planned so I had to stop often to make sure we were headed in sorta the right direction.clouds4


Cattle Ranch

This was a big valley of a big ranch I forgot the name of. There were lots of cattle grazing down there.cows5


Can’t cross the creek

My GPS said to take this road across the valley so we tried it but could not find a way across the creek when the road petered out where we had to turn around and back track. Such is exploring.pasture6


We stopped here to figure directions and had some lunch too.vans7


Cruising along

And traveled on down this road headed mostly south. Cattle country and not much traffic. The road had also improved and now there wasn’t much washboard so we picked up the speed a bit still taking it easy just cruising along.clouds8


Stopped here for a bit and that’s where we came from in back of the vans.vans9


Every once and awhile we’d go by a pond or some water for the animals.oibd10


Very light rain

This one reminds me that it rained on us, or at least spit on us on and off a few times today and also this evening at our camp spot.spitting11


Tonight’s camp spot

Speaking of camp here we are camped for the night in this dried up creek bed called Lost Creek. There is a spring here so there is some water for the cattle.camp


This is the water from the spring that is in the creek bed by us.lostcreek13


The sign tells all

This sign is by our camp and one can figure out where we are in Oregon by it. It also tells where we are headed tomorrow. To Beulah Res. and to Juntura on highway 20, to Burns to fuel and internet and south from there is our plan. We came down from Ironside this morning.sign14


This is looking  back at tonight’s camp spot from that sign.campspot


It’s the coolest spot we’ve been in, at dark it’s 38 degrees F. out. We both have heaters in the vans so no problem.

Nice day exploring.

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One Response to Heading South On Desert Roads Through Eastern Oregon

  1. John says:

    Fire today, around 5, above and behind your place, I think, somewhere.
    Did not go out there, as there was a lot of activity, quieting down, now.
    Smoke diminished, somewhat, now-I think.
    LOTS of attack planes circling, water choppers, trucks, and dozers.
    Maybe out behind Fred’s place?
    Don’t know, exactly, but I think they have it under control by now
    They jumped on it before I could even see any smoke, from here.
    Will try to find out, and tell you what happened, tomorrow.
    I don’t see anything on the net, yet. You might give it a try….
    Will find out soon.

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