Hunting for the Old Road at Musk Rat Nest Beach

Tuesday September 23, 2014 Jenner CA.

Marty’s computer

First off this morning was to check on Marty’s computer to see if it had downloaded and installed windows 8.1 while I was sleeping. It had not, unfortunately. I did some work on the computer finding it had some corrupt files, but could not fix them. I did a bit of reading up on the problem and then left it at that until I get back later today. I did find some things I could try. It goes like this. I try to fix some things, then start the huge download, about eight hours,  and wait. So far after five or six tries, it has stopped the install and gave me an error code, that could mean a bunch of stuff. Off to kayak.

Helped another friend

I stopped at my friends house in Monte Rio to see why his little fridge compressor was overheating. I couldn’t find anything wrong, so I set up a volt meter to measure the plug voltage and showed him how to measure the voltage and told him to record the meter reading at least once an hour so I could see if here was anything going wrong and when.


That didn’t take long and I was off to Jenner to kayak for the day. The sun was out and the wind was down as I headed down the side of Penny Island towards the closed river’s mouth.

Here I am paddling along down the side of Penny Island.island


Hot, hot

I was getting hot, which doesn’t happen down here too often, as being by the ocean, it’s usually more on the cooler side. I took off my wind breaker and continued on down to the mouth area.

I stopped to see if my friend John the guy who does the most to keep Jenner clean, was home so I could give him some apples. He wasn’t home.

My view looking towards the mouth area from John’s house.rivermouth


The river’s mouth is closed

I paddled over to the closed mouth. The sand is about three feet higher than the water level which is at about four feet at the visitor center. So, the water should reach about seven feet in the estuary before it can over flow the sand. However, the ocean may pile the sand higher before it does that?mouth


Back to Penny Island for some shade

I hung around the mouth area for a bit. It was too warm so I headed on back up the river to find some shade. I pulled into the little channel on the east end of Penny island for some shade.

As  I sat there in the channel, under the big trees, the clouds started to move in which cooled things down


Resting harbor seals

I headed on up the river and spied these two harbor seals resting on a submerged log.seals


And just past them, I had to go past this one with the cormorants. It got a bit nervous, but didn’t take off.seal


I spied the geese across the river, which were very quiet today for some reason, but I’m not complaining, they sure can make a lot of noise.geese


As I approached Paddy’s rock, I spied a single white pelican with the cormorants and seagulls and some bovinosorous too, all hanging out peacefully together.birds


Musk rat nest area

I headed up along this shoreline to the musk rat nest area, just up ahead.sat


Looking for an old road

I was planning to go ashore a look for the old road I think might be in this area, so I went ashore here.shore


An old trail instead

There sure is a lot of big poison oak in this area, but I persisted and finally found a way through the brush and into the trees. I searched around a lot and didn’t find the old road, but I did connect to another old trail I explored about three years ago.

I made it to this big tree, which is at the bottom of a gulley, which is where I thought the old road should be, but instead I found an old trail.trail


This was my view looking up the river from up here.uprver


I heard the biologist coming down the river in two boats. One of them is down there in this picture. I heard them say, that’s Bob’s boat over there. :O)bios


And here is a little closer view of the other boat as it went by. They were out collecting samples of the life at the bottom of the river and along the shoreline, as they have been doing periodically throughout the summer. These are the shore sampling guys headed on in for the day.biologist


And looking down towards the little town of Jenner from where I was, some light fog moving in, it’s five PM now.jenner


I worked my way down the hill and headed back in for the day, stopping for a bit in the little channel, here.jenner2


It was about six PM as I put in for the day.

Back home, I’m still working on that computer. I did a bunch of stuff to it and now am waiting for it to download that huge file again.

I doubt it’s going to do it, but I keep trying.

Nice day and I sure tired myself out good. :O)

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