Just a Short Paddle Around and On Penny Island

Sunday November 16, 2014 Jenner CA.

Some days plans change by the minute

This morning I was going to work on my car’s heater fan problem, but checking my email, Marty’s wife’s computer had a bad virus, so he was going to bring it by and we would go kayaking.

Worked on the car a little

I did start working on the car’s heater fan problem, but didn’t get very far with it as I still can’t find the other failed relay, so I went back to studying the repair manual electrical schematics. Unfortunately, I don’t have real good manuals for this car and the manuals I have are lacking.

Marty shows up for a yak

Marty came by shortly with the computer to repair and we loaded the other kayak on my car and went on down to Jenner.

Things were fairly busy at the boat ramp today, but the lady that had all the boats all over the ramp yesterday, had them off to the side. I thanked her for that and we headed on over to Penny Island and into the little channel on the east end were we took our first break.

Nice day

It was a nice day, with almost no wind. The sun was out with some clouds in the sky. Marty was feeling a bit on the tired out side from working on trails at his cabin the other day, so we decided to just take it easy today.

We headed down the back channel of Penny Island to what I call the slot near the west end of the island.

On the way, we stopped by this spot for a bit, then continued on down  to the slot, where we did some more resting and watching.house


Paddled onto the flooded island

We eventually left the slot and paddled across to the flooded Penny Island on the west end.jenner


Marty hadn’t been on the flooded island before, so I took him on in and showed him the area.

Here we are just entering the flooded island.marty


We paddled on into the flooded island which takes us about a third of the way onto the island.pennyisland


We paddled on in as far as we could go, until we came up against this drift wood that has been down here for a long time as it’s stuck on the island.wood


We rested on the island for a bit, then headed back out to the river on the west end. This was our view as we exited the island, looking down to the closed river’s mouth area.estuary


The boat ramp is real busy

There were a lot of people exiting the river plugging up the boat ramp, so we waited patiently across the river from it to wait for things to settle down.

While siting there, we heard a bunch of honking, as some geese were flying by on their way up the river.geese

When we determined the boat ramp was as good as it was going to get, we went on in for the day and went on home.

I hit the couch for a nap and had something to eat.

Working on the computer

I started working on the computer and decided since the system hadn’t been reloaded for a long time, to just set it back to factory and get all the updates installed.. So far, it’s been going good and I’m almost done with it

That was my day.

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