Rain Canceled So I Worked On the Rock Crossing

Tuesday January 4, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Rain canceled

The rain prediction was changed to cloudy today but it did shower some but I barely noticed as I was up under the forest’s trees which caught  most of it.

Some work to do

I rode the quad up and parked here under the water fall.quad


Then I walked up to the waterfall to do some more rock work on the trail crossing there.water2


Work area or break area

I was working on putting more rocks across the water crossing so it was easier to cross when the water was flowing more. The fall is flowing fairly well today as it rained yesterday. That big ol log worked good to sit on while resting.fall3


The view looking down from the falls.view5


Gathering rocks

I used the two buckets mostly to gather rocks from down the trail. I had to go further down the trail to find rocks today as I used up all the close ones the other day when I worked on this.

This was the largest rock I moved, lucky it was only about twenty feet from the crossing so I was able to roll it into place.rock4


I’d haul two half buckets of rocks and put them into place and then take a break and then do it again. I’m not sure just how many buckets I did but eventually my back said to quit.

Rock crossing

This is the rocked crossing. I may put a few more buckets of rocks in there to finish it up, but not today.crossing6


Chicken sitting

I had about an hour before dark when I got home so I sat with the chickens as they grazed the front yard.chickens


I didn’t last long out there until I had to go in for a nap. I seemed to have tired myself out today and got some good exercise.

Nice day.

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