Rain, Headlight Repair, YouTube Stuff and Chechens

Monday January 3, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It was raining today more on than off.

As I went out to feed the chickens  it was wet and rainy.rain1


Headlight repairs

I needed to have a look at one of  my car’s headlights that wasn’t working. It glowed but didn’t shine bright so I figured there must be something wrong with it’s ground and there was.

Of course the headlight bulb I needed to get to was in front of the battery so I’d have to remove it first to get to the bulb and wiring.car2


Battery out

Once the battery was out I could get to the bulb which was under the bulb connector socket, that thing with the big white plastic nut. The big white nut turned out to be the problem which I soon found out.whitenut3


Battery service

As long as I had the battery out I serviced  it. I added water to the cells to fill them up.batt4


And I used this battery post cleaner to shine up the posts and the battery clamps in the car.brush5


Trade bulbs

I couldn’t see anything wrong with the wires or the light bulb so I decided to switch the bad light bulb with the other one as I’d have to put the battery back in to test things out and this would tell me if there was something wrong with the bulb or not.

Big white nut

So I got the bulbs switched and hooked the battery back up. I had some trouble getting the big white plastic nuts to tighten up so I sprayed the threads with some silicone spray, not knowing that would fix the bad light problem.


To my surprise both lights came on brightly when I turned them on.lights6


The problem

The problem turned out to be that big white plastic nut’s threads needed some lube so it could be tightened enough to seat the ground on the bulb. it wasn’t tight enough to seat the ground on it.

That got fixed easier than I thought it would. It was still raining so I went back in the house and watched some YouTube.

YouTube stuff

I watched these Utah guys doing a recovery from some soft sand in the back country.  This is the guy in the yellow rigs channel.



This is the guys channel in the white rig which I watch a lot. Fab Rats.


There seems to be a gang of these guys from Utah that are interesting to watch that know and interact with each other. Family stuff and no murder and killing stuff. :O)

I also watch Itchy Boots a lady touring south America on her dirt bike and soon heading to Alaska.



Later in the day I went out to check on the chickens. The rain had let up a bit and the chickens wanted out to graze so l let them out.gate9


My neighbor Dominic came by.dominiic


Raining heavy

And then the rain started again.rain8


The chickens all rushed back to their pen to not get so wet.They seem to be ok with light rain, but not heavy rain.pen12


I put some feed out for them just before dark.feed13


And that was pretty much it for me today.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    We had a nice dry day here, clear skies too for a change again. ;)
    Glad you found the light problem.

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