Doing Rock Work By the Waterfall

Sunday January 2, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Trail work

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. I wanted to get some more trail work done up in the forest before it does so I rode on up to this area to do some trail work.fall1


Rest of the world doesn’t exist

I’d be working near the falls today so that’s all I could hear was the water falling and the rest of the world didn’t exist. I wanted to build up the rock crossing so it’s easier to cross here when it’s raining and the water is flowing more.crossing2


Dump trucks

I bought two buckets up to load with rocks and carry back to the crossing. I found out that I’d do better with a little less rock in each bucket. Two buckets, one for each hand. I had to walk down the trail about a hundred feet to gather the rocks and haul them back to were I was using them.rock3



I found these rocks  just over the bank so I threw them up  here and loaded up the buckets about half full and carried them to the crossing and unloaded them and each time I did that I needed a good break before doing it again.rocks4


Little walk

On one of my breaks I took a walk down this trail just to break up the routine.trail5


I gathered some more rocks here on this trail and hauled them up to the falls.trail6


Looks ok to me

I think I have enough rocks in this crossing now to cross when it’s flowing more.pool7


A bit before dark I walked back up to my quad runner by this big green fern.fern8


More rocks

On the way back down the hill I stopped and filled the buckets with rocks to add to this crossing.rocks9


I added the rocks and rearranged some of the rocks I already had there to improve this crossing.crossing10


It was getting dark so I high tailed it home.

Nice day.

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