Rainy Day So Merry Christmas From Me and My Chickens

Friday December 25, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

I sleep pretty well last night which is unusual for me with my corn problem.

Anyway I was up around 12:30 and it was raining out.

Locked in

I went out to check on the chickens. They wanted out but since it was raining pretty good I keep them in for now.chickens


Stuck in the pen because of rain, although they seem to handle getting wet ok.pen


Christmas meal

I went back in the house and started things cooking for something to eat. I really filled up and ate until about 2:30, not your usual Christmas stuff, but filling just the same.


I stuck my nose outside a couple of times but each time it got wet so I just hung around in the house watching some educational You Tubes.

OK you can go out

Around 4 the rains had slowed down a little for a little while so I went out to check on the chickens.

Most of them were already on the roost and I hadn’t planned to let them out to graze.roost


But they only  had about an hour of daylight so I opened up the gates. They came off the roosts and hurried on out to graze.gate


Happy chickens

Grazing seems to be one of the things they like to do the best. The rain let up for a few minutes before it let lose again. Most of the birds stayed out until they got wet.grazing


These guys are about to get soaking wet.graze


On corrections

I’ve been getting some corrections from my Commenters, thank you.

The thing I called a Pulaski by mistake and corrected to a McCloud was spelled wrong. It’s  spelled  McLeod and is a good tool for a lot of stuff. It’s like a big heavy hoe.

I notice I’ve been making more mistakes lately. It’s because of older age and to add to that the corn has me itching severely most of the time.

I like the older age one as now I have excuses for my forgetfulness. I roll with that as something that just makes like interesting.

I used to know or lookup most of the birds and critters but now I find I’m forgetting most of those names so I substitute small bird, small black bird, critter or big rat, things like that as the actual names aren’t so important any more most of the time. :O)

Anyway correcting me helps me remember their names a bit longer, so thanks.

Closed up

At dark I went out in the rain with my umbrella and shut the chickens in for the night and that was my day.

Nice day, Merry Christmas to all from me and my chickens. :O)

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3 Responses to Rainy Day So Merry Christmas From Me and My Chickens

  1. Nancy K says:

    Yup … I have to write everything down. I do seem to remember things eventually … like three days later!! Hope your happy chickens had a great Christmas. All that rain brings out the worms at my house … the perfect Christmas dinner.

  2. Al James says:

    Hi Bob- do enjoy your blog very much- grew up on a farm & find chicken life pretty familiar.Sorry for your allergy issues; as to forgetfulness,Al of the Bayfield Bunch blog carries a small notebook & pen in his shirt pocket & lists items as he thinks of them.I also am at that age & now use a notepad also & surprisingly,lol- it works! All the best & be well & safe.

  3. Arrowhead Gramma says:

    Merry Christmas Bob and to your chickens. Really enjoy your blog and great photos.

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