Rather Cool Kayaking Jenner Today

Monday August 5, 2013 Jenner, CA.

It sure felt like winter was here today

First thing I did today was go down to the local tire dealer and order a set of BF Goodrich tires for my van. The blowout I had the other day ruined the set I had on there and they were old, but still had a lot of tread, so I decided to replace them, as tires are just too important when one is exploring the desert, especially by oneself, like I end up dong most of the time. The tires will be in, in a couple days or so and I’ll make an appointment to get her done, the tires mounted, I mean.

After that, I headed for Jenner to kayak for the day. Headed up the river to Eagles landing where I went ashore of a bit.

This is where I went ashore for awhile at Eagle’s Landing, about a half mile up the river from the visitor’s center.eagleslanding


After a little shore break, I headed back down the river towards the mouth. There were a bunch of white pelican’s sitting on the west end of Penny Island taking it easy.pelicans


And some Terns too. Don’t they remind you of bandits?terns


I continued on down towards the river’s mouth passing a bunch of seals swimming around in the water on the way.

This shot is looking out the river’s mouth into the Pacific ocean.rivermouth


Some curious seals beached at the river’s mouth, just checking me out.sealsmouth


After a bit, I headed back up towards the visitor’s center take out. There was this snowy egret fishing on the shore of Penny Island as I passed.egret



I had intended to get off the river, but I saw Steve’s car parked in the parking area, so I headed back up to eagle’s landing where I caught up with him. He wanted to go up to Markum hole about three miles up the river, so off we went.

Here we are approaching Seal Haven, while headed up the river. It’s on the left in the logs.view


This is one of the seals we found there. It seems to be shedding it’s hair, which is the brown stuff you see.



There were some cormorants there too.cormorants


About this time it was getting real chilly and a brisk wind started to blow too. It sure seemed like winter had arrived today.

We made it to Markum hole were we hung out for awhile before heading on back down the river.

Steve in Markum hole.markumhole

I was fairly chilled when we got off the water and was eager to get home where it should be a bit warmer, but to my surprise, it was cold at home too. Some hot food warmed me up.

Let’s see, I was on the water at eleven am and off it at seven thirty pm, eight and a half hours on the water today, not bad.

Had a nice day.

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