Some Shopping and Some Puttering in the Yard

Tuesday August 6, 2013 Guerneville, CA.

After yesterday’s chilly day kayaking, I thought I’d take the day off and do some shopping in Santa Rosa instead and maybe kayak in the evening?

I mainly wanted to go to Walmart to get another little portable propane BBQ like I have in my van. I thought it might be good to stick with the same type to practice my BBQ skills, or to improve them anyway and the little one I have in the van seemed to work out ok for my cooking needs. I found it at a reduced price, about eighteen dollars instead of the almost thirty I paid for the one in the van. Such a deal. :O)

I then went over to Costco and bought a some cornless type stuff, or at least I tried to.

I did a little visiting on the way home, but since I had frozen food, I didn’t dally too long.

When I got home I was real tired out for some reason, I barely got the groceries put away, before I just had to hit he couch and just couldn’t seem to get going.

After a long while I made some coffee and that helped so I went outside and put the new BBQ together.

And then I got the mower out to use, and sat down and enjoyed my yard for the rest of the day, not using the mower, it could wait. :O)

I did check my potato patch to see if the wild animals dug up any more potatoes for me. Things like coons and foxes dig in the patch to find bugs, but they don’t seem to like the raw potatoes, so they kick them out while digging. All I have to do is check the patch and pick up the ones they kick out and that keeps me going in potatoes most of the time

This is my potato patch which is also part of my blueberry patch, they grow well together. I also have some strawberry plants mixed in there too and they do well on the redwood mulch, which also keeps the berries up off the ground, so the bugs don’t get into the berries and wreck them.potatoepatch2


Here’s a couple red potatoes they kicked up for me. They are real easy to dig in redwood mulch, even if they don’t dig them up.potatoes


I put the mower away and that was it for the day, I went in the house as the evening dew started to make it chilly enough for another shirt.

Retired, or Retarded, as my Dad used to say?

Good day, just the same.

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