Riding the Dirt Bike To Test Out the Video Camera Mount Up In the Hills

Saturday May 28, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike video camera mount

I needed to give my new camera mount  a test on the dirt bike to see how it works.mount



To do this I needed to test it out taking videos while going for a dirt bike ride up into the hills to see how it works. I got the video camera mounted and took off for the test.

I rode on up this road headed for a neighbor’s place taking video clips as I went.road



The first thing I noticed was that the camera seemed to vibrate a lot so I wasn’t sure I could get any good videos but it was a test so I kept at it.

I also noticed the unit wasn’t tight enough and would come loose. I adjusted the  mount a couple times and found a better spot for it and tightened up the mount more and things worked better. I slowed some of the vibrations down but the road was bumpy with rocks so I couldn’t stop all of the vibrations.


I also found it was hard to start and stop the camera while riding but that improved some from practice. Practice seemed to help the situation quite a bit.


I rode on up this road to visit a neighbor. The guy I wanted to talk to wasn’t home so I visited with his son and his wife instead.road3


Improving things

I had a nice visit and then left, stopping just outside their driveway and repositioned the mount and tightened it up good. That improved things a lot.

I think a shorter mount would help a lot and might invest in something soon.

Taking a look see

Once back home I down loaded all the videos I took onto my computer and had a look at things.

Yes, lots of vibration in some of the clips but was at least usable and the sound wasn’t too bad. I’ll work on the editing to see if I can come up with a usable video or not.

This video is  here.


Some of the riding is speeded up to 2x to make it go faster as I’m not that fast of a rider. :O)

I did get a shorter camera mount ordered last night so I’ll try it when it comes in.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Riding the Dirt Bike To Test Out the Video Camera Mount Up In the Hills

  1. Jeff Pierce says:

    Have you thought of using a helmet-cam? It might be more stable then the handlebar mount. AT Ocotillo Wells OHV park they are pretty common.
    As you left your gate lots of cars parked along the street. What’s the draw? Just park access and hiking?
    Enjoyed riding along with you.

    • Bob says:

      No, but that might be a good idea. My main problem is my camera is not a light one like the go pro ones. It’s a regular video cam. So I’m trying to make it work for what I want to do as it’s a real good camera and does think the go pro doesn’t.

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