Riding Through the Redwood Forest, Strawberries and Chicks

Tuesday May 19, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride

I decided to go up into the redwood forest to go for a dirt bike ride as I didn’t have anything else I wanted to do today.

So I jumped on the bike and rode off across the road and through a couple of gates and on up the hill going through here.road1



I could hear the wind blowing through the tree tops. It was a good windy day up there but not bad down in the forest where I was riding.

I rode through this spot on my neighbor’s place.road2


And stopped here on the Lost Ridge for a short break.bike3


And continued on down here and up that road.road4


The bike covers a lot of ground so I move right along going through this spot.road5


And headed back down the hill going by this spring area.road6


Water tank level

When I went by the water tanks I looked over to check the ribbon gauge to see how much water was in them. They are almost full so tonight I will water the raspberry patch as the berry plants could use a drink.tanks7


Armstrong Valley Farm

Then I pulled into  my brother’s garden to check on the strawberry patch.garden


There were lots of strawberries that are starting to dry out as my brother doesn’t want to deal with them so I ate what I could. :O)berries9


On the way out I walked by his squash patch that looked like it was producing a good crop.squash10


Little peepers

Once home I checked on the new peeps and put out some food for them to eat and filled their water containers.chicks11


I’m not sure how many chicks hatched out as they don’t sit still long enough to get a count. My guess is 30  or more.chicks12


Cute little fuzzy balls. At this age their body is smaller than an egg and they can get through a one inch hole so I  have to keep an eye on them to  make sure none get into trouble as sometimes they can get out but can’t find their way back in.chicks13


Nice day, I didn’t get much done.

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