Bumper Work, Bike Ride and the Old BBQ

Monday April 15, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Bumper work

Tom came over and finished welding up the part we’d tacked together yesterday.

Barry showed up for a bike ride in the hills so after Tom got the welding done, I hopped on my bike and joined him for a ride in the hills.


The first place we stopped for a bit was the Guerneville Overlook.sky1


That’s not smog in the air but water vapor off the forest and maybe the ocean too.guerneville

We rode around for a bit then ended up at our break area at the top of the hill.top3

The view to the southeast from there.view4

We took off riding some more when Barry’s bike’s gas light came on, meaning his bike was getting low on gas, so we rode around a little more then went on home where I needed a nap.


Later in the day, I started the move on my old BBQ as I plan to use it some. I moved it near my kitchen back door. I built this quite some time ago. It runs on propane or wood and is a BBQ/Smoker. I mostly  just have to oil up the hinges to get it working again.smoker5


The place I wanted to put the BBQ needed some rock on the ground, so I loaded ten buckets on Hondo and went up to the place we get our small rocky gravel. I only load the buckets half full so they are easier to deal with which is easier on my back.rock7

Back home I dumped the buckets of rock in the wheel barrel to transport to the back of the house where it is needed.rocks8

Once that rock was unloaded, I drove up to the rock place and loaded up the buckets again and unloaded them too. I’ll need one or two more loads of rock to make the place nice under my BBQ stuff.

Chair hopping

By the time I got the rock moved, it was late in the evening and the sun was about to go down while I chair hopped around the yard.sky6

Nice day.

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  1. D white says:

    Looks like you are doing well. Interested to see the bbq when it’s set up. I love to cook bbq.

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