Sea Lions Like to Eat Big Fish Too

Friday, Jan. 4, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Kayaked at Jenner with Steve today.

As I rose from my bed today, it looked like it was going to be a sunny day. I had planned to do a little work on my ol van then go to Jenner to kayak in the afternoon.

So, I did a little work on the van air intake, added an elbow and a screen to keep the desert mice and rats from nesting in the air intake as there was a nice four inch hole there that they would have loved.

Headed for Jenner to Kayak.

It was so nice looking out, that I put off the rest of the van work and headed for Jenner, just after eleven. Steve was already there and in the water with his boat. I got my boat in the water and headed up stream on the north side of the river and met Steve just west of Eagle’s Landing.

On the way over there, I was almost certain I had spied a sea lion speeding though the water, headed up river, fishing as he went. The sea lions move much faster than the harbor seals and also make a load snort noise as they come up for air, as they race along on the look out for fish.

We continued up the river toward the highway one bridge at Bridge Heaven as you can see below.



On the way, we passed a rock overhang with these nice looking ferns as you can see below.



We didn’t quite make it to the bridge as the sun was going behind the hill, so we headed back down the river to get back in the sun. It was a fairly crispy day at Jenner. Below is a picture looking down the river toward Jenner.



A shore break on Penny Island.

We went ashore on the east end of Penny Island to check out what we might find in the debris that had floated in during the high waters from he earlier rains. We didn’t find much, but it’s fun to look.

Below is a picture looking from the east end of the island toward the river’s mouth.



We were on the island for maybe forty five minutes and put back in the water, heading toward the river’s mouth.

Below is a picture looking toward the river’s mouth as we proceeded.



Sea Lion is eating a big fish.

Just below the River’s End Restaurant, I spied the below commotion. It appeared a sea lion must have a big fish and was eating it with gusto.

Below is what it looked like when I first saw this action. Seagulls in the water, around this type of action is also an indication that big fish are being gobbled up. But I didn’t’ see any fish, yet.



Finally, the sea lion broke the surface with the big fish and I got the photo below.



And just after that, I got this one below, he is just swallowing it all and that was that.



It was a bit crispy out today.

I continued down toward the river’s mouth and took this photo out through the mouth into the ocean.



I didn’t stay long at the river’s mouth as it was getting cold and there was now a crispy breeze blowing, so we headed toward the visitors center take out.

And a big ol pelican too.

On the way there this big ol pelican was bathing himself in the river s you can see below.



Not sure what that green stuff is all about?

Now, I’m not sure what Steve was doing over there, but he seemed to be conjuring up something with all the green stuff? :O)



We headed back to the visitor’s center and took out, and were off the water by about four pm.

You can see the Jenner visitor’s center in the photo below and what it looked like to us as we paddled back.


Even though it was a bit crispy today, it was still very nice winter kayaking at Jenner today.

Had a great day.

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