More Sea Lions Eating Fish

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Off to Jenner to Kayak for the day.

I got a late start today, but I was on the water around noon at Jenner. It was a little breezy, but still very nice. I was wondering if the sea lions would be as active today, as yesterday?

Crossing over to Penny Island, things seemed pretty peaceful today. Slowly I worked my way up the river to the eagle’s landing area, taking it easy, stopping along the way and just checking things out. One time a sea lion popped up in front of me and checked me out and continued on it’s way. They didn’t seem to be hunting as vigorously today as yesterday. There were a few in the water, but they were moving at a slower pace and didn’t seem t be getting as many fish today, at least so far.

It sure seemed like a quiet day today on the water.

Continuing up the river, it didn’t seem like I was going to get anything good in the way of pictures today, but it was still early. Not much was happening at Eagle’s landing today either, so I started heading down toward the river’s mouth, just taking my time.

Headed down toward the River’s mouth.

There was a Great Blue Heron on the shore of Penny Island as I went down the back side, so I took his picture, thinking this might be it for the day, not much happening.

Below, you can see the Great Blue Heron on the back side of Penny Island.



I continued on down toward the river’s mouth, where I spend about an hour looking around and taking it easy. There were a few seals in the water and an occasional sea lion swam by too, but nothing exciting happening.

Below, I took a picture of the River’s mouth, looking out toward the Pacific ocean.



Decided to call it quits today early.

Since I wanted to install my new house heating stove, I decided to call it a day a little early, around two pm, so I headed back in, but as I was passing the West end of Penny Island, there was a real commotion that caught my attention.

What a commotion on Penny Island.

There were a bunch of seagulls resting on the shore with some of them in the water, just on the end of the island and something was causing quite a commotion at the moment, right in the middle of them. I snapped off a picture and right away decided this is time for a video as there was so much action, I knew I’d miss most of it if I continued to take stills and I wasn’t as close as I liked to get good pics anyway, about a hundred and fifty feet away from all this action. My camera let’s me take stills off the video, but usually not quite as sharp a photos as just taking stills.

Below, you can see the seagull commotion, just after it got my attention.



The sea lions were a hunting.

There was a lot of splashing going on and a lot of sea lions eating fish. They appeared to sweep up to the shore where the birds were, chasing some fish almost up on the shore. They got a bunch of them is all I can say. I saw several different ones being eaten by the sea lions.

Below is some of the commotion that attracted my attention, sea lions having a feast.



More of the sea lion commotion below.



There was a half a dozen or so sea lions and action in more than one place.

Sea lion action below.



The sea lions had at least several fish they were eating.

See that fish the sea lion has below. They eat them fast. They have to here, or they will lose them to another sea lion.



Another picture of the sea lions with fish, below.



This big sea lion is trying to keep all that fish to himself in the below picture.



Things happen fast during a feast.

These things happen fairly fast, it was all over in less then a few minutes, so I moved on toward the visitor’s center to take my boat out. I was off the water about two thirty today.

I headed home early today.

I headed home, wondering if I’d gotten any good pictures of the sea lions, as one doesn’t really know until one pops them up on the computer and checks them out.

Needed to get the new heating stove installed.

When I got home, I got something to eat and a cup of coffee while I contemplated what I needed to do to install my new house heating stove. It looked like it should take about fifteen minutes to install it, replacing the one that was too small.

Things don’t usually go as planned.

But,…………… things don’t’ usually go that way and they didn’t. The exhaust vent that was in the floor was three quarters of an inch too short, but everything else looked like it would work.

What to do? I decided to cut a piece of wood to fill that gap. I needed to make a donut shaped piece of wood, three quarters of an inch thing as a spacer. I found a piece of wood and got out my hole saw and drill and made that little puppy.

Yes, a trip under the house was in order.

That got accomplished, but now I had to go under the house, as in the process, I pulled the exhaust pipe out of the other pipe under the house, so where were my coveralls? Of course I had to search around for them, they weren’t were they usually were. I found them under the passengers seat in my van. Hummmmmmm……….sure didn’t remember putting them there. I do carry them in the van during trips, in case I have to do some mechanical work while I’m traveling.

Anyway, under the house I went and did quick work of the connections and came back in the house and plugged the stove in and hit the power button, and waited, as it goes though a turn on sequence that takes about five minutes.
Check the fuel line connection, no leaks, that’s good. It fired up and heat started coming out of it and the heat slowly increased and the room started to warm up.

The new stove is working great.

The room was warming up fairly fast, much faster than the other smaller stove I was replacing and I thought,…………. this is great and it was. Yes, this stove would do the job of heating the house.

Below, you can see a picture of the new stove to the right, which replaced the old stove to the left. Twice the BTU’s.



I had plans to work on the van a little too, but since I had to go under the house, that got canceled.

I think this new stove will work out just fine.

Had another great day today.

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