Shopping in Sebastopol, a Big Truck and Working on the Van

Saturday March 25, 2016 Guerneville CA.

A shopping day

I decided to head on over to Sebastopol to do some shopping this morning.

I stopped at the hardware store to get a small extension cord for the new fridge in the van to hook up 110 volts when I have it. It also runs on the battery and propane which is what I will mostly use.

Then, I went to Taylor’s to get some ground beans for making coffee and then I went over to Whole foods to get a couple whole chickens.

I then returned to Guerneville and went to the bank to get some cash so I’ll have some money for a trip I’m planning up the coast this next week I hope.

The big truck

I went on home and put the stuff away and was taking a wee nap when I heard this big truck out in my front yard. My neighbor was doing some work and brought this truck in with a tank on it. Only trouble was the whole thing was too high to get through the old gate.bigtruck


Taking the old gate apart

The guy driving the truck offered to use his crane to remove the old log from the top of the gate so they could pass. I wonder if they’ll ever put the log back up? It’s my neighbors so I don’t have much say in it, but the old gate had a lot of character.gate


Working on the old van

I left them at it and went over and set up to work on my van projects. I wanted to finish wiring up the new fridge to 110 volts and to the van spare 12 volt battery.

Charlie comes by for a visit

Charlie from Monte Rio came by and we shot the bull for an hour or so.

I wired up the fridge and tidied up a couple other things putting the van back together from the fridge installation.

Restocking the van

I checked out the van to see what I needed for a short trip up the coast and started restocking things I would need.

I spent the rest of the day puttering around with that and that was about it for the day.

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