Moving the Steel Tank and Getting the Gauges Hooked Up in My Van

Thursday March 24, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Let’s get that big tank moved

Today I decided to stay home and see what I could get done on the van projects, but first I had to get it going. I was sitting in my yard procrastinating when I heard my brother Tom across the street with his tractor. I’d had an idea how to move the big steel water tank we had been trying to move out of the way the other day. We’d moved it a ways, but then it just stopped and the tractor just spun it’s wheels.

But we’d been pulling the tank the wrong way as we had the tractor going backwards, instead of frontwards as a tractor is designed to pull frontwards, not backwards. I also noticed we’d hooked the chain up too long last time causing the tank to get pulled into the ground instead of riding up over it.

So I had him back his tractor up and we hooked the chain up short and high on the tractor and he pulled it right along and we got it out of they way. Didn’t think to get a pic until we were done on that one.


Anyway, back to the yard sitting around procrastinating on the van work and I finally got into it around 1PM.

I had to work under the dash hooking up a bunch of little wires as I was wiring up some new gauges, as in temperature and voltage as the old gauges I had, I just couldn’t see anymore.van


I tried to tidy up, but didn’t

I was hoping to tidy up some of this wiring rats nest, but in the end, it was still a mess, but it worked. It’s always fun working under tight places like this, measuring wires to find the right ones and getting them hooked up properly and trying not to break anything in the process.wires


The new gauges

At first the temperature gauge didn’t work, but then I found one more wire to hook up and it lit up. One of the problems with the old gauges was they were too small and I couldn’t see them at night, so I got these lit up ones that are also two inch diameter gauges instead of the 1 and a half inch ones I had. These gauges also have a needle reading and a digital reading, so they should work a bit better than the old ones.guage


Finish hooking up the fridge was next

The next thing I had to do was finish hooking up my new fridge in the van.  I still need to wire it to the battery and run a cord to hook it up to 110 volts when I have that. So, I spent some time hunting up some 12 gauge wire to hook it up and finally found what I need in all my junk.

But it was getting late in the day and it was starting to cool down, so I will work on that tomorrow.

Nurse Dianne called

My nurse, Dianne called today to check on if I was using the fungal cream on my crutch rash they were supposed to send me. I hadn’t received it and she found out it didn’t get ordered, so she got that going. The dermatologist thinks there might be a fungus causing the rash in my crutch area so she’d like to see if she can knock it out with the cream. I don’t think I have a fungus there, but, I’m going to go along with her on this to let her see if she can treat some of my itches. And besides, it’s a good time to get the demonologist to look at some of my other older age skin stuff when I see her next.

Rash is looking and feeling a bit better

Otherwise, my rash on my back and chest and shoulders seems to be improving a bit.

That was my day.

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2 Responses to Moving the Steel Tank and Getting the Gauges Hooked Up in My Van

  1. Bob says:

    I’m just starting to work with the doctors on this, so they’ve only checked
    me out for serious stuff so far and so far no real bad stuff, which as far
    as I’m concerned is real good and I hope it stays that way. Right now we are
    working on the rash. However, I have done a lot of research since I’ve had
    this allergic to corn stuff problem and I don’t seem to have those things
    wrong with me. In some ways the corn problem is worse than those things as
    it’s very hard to get away from corn stuff in our foods, as it’s either in
    most stuff or used to process most foods. And so far, from all my research,
    most doctors are not good at dealing with corn allergy type stuff. And even
    if they do understand the problem, the only way to beat it is to avoid it
    and that’s where the problem comes in as it’s in most of our food stuff and
    most of it is not labeled well to let you know when they used some corn
    stuff in the processing of our food.
    Thanks for the comment,

  2. dianaione says:

    Hope you are feeling better. Have the doctors checked you for a gluten problem? Such as celiac? Celiac disease can cause skin problems, so it might be worth checking it out. Take care.

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