Morning Rain, Afternoon Showers Working On the Spring Pipeline

Tuesday March 24, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Working on the spring water pipe line

It rained this morning until about noon when it let up with just some showers after that.

I got my tools together and loaded them on the quad runner.  I put on a rain coat just in case and headed across the road and up into the hills where our water springs are located.

Work area

I parked here where I’m going to do some work on the pipe line just down below this


No yellow jackets

There’s a place in the water line where there were a bunch of yellow jackets last summer so that part of the pipe trail was left undone. With the rain and it being cool out I figured the yellow jackets might not be out today and they weren’t.

This is the spot that needed some trail work were the bees were.beearea


Pipe trail

After some work the pipe trail looked like this.trail


It showered on me a few times but with all the trees not much water got through to me to get me wet.

I also worked on this part that also needed a trail to level the water pipe out.pipe


Spring clean out

Once that was done I went up to  the spring that feeds this pipe and cleaned it out. It wasn’t bad but there was a little dirt in there that washed out when I flushed the spring pipe.

After that I wanted to make sure the water was still running so I went down to this tee and pulled it apart to check for water flow.tee


Spring water

The water was flowing. I let it run for a bit to clean it out before hooking it back up.water


Just before 5 I headed back up to the quad as I was done for the day.quad


Back home I had something to eat and a short nap too.


After that I went outside to sit with the chickens. They all bunched up over here by where I was sitting to let me know they wanted out to graze.chickrun


I made them wait a little longer to the proper time and let them out. They grazed around as I chair hopped around the yard.chickgraze


This is what the sky looked like just before the sun went down for the day. The showers finally cleared


That was a  productive day working on the water system up in the redwood forest. In isolation of course.

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