Van Bracket, Dead Harbor Seal and a Sunset Paddle at Jenner

Sunday July 12, 2015 Jenner CA.

Fixing a bracket for the van

I decided this morning that today would be a good day to go down to Jenner and enjoy the sunset. That meant I should stay home today and work on the van some more. I started out splicing a new connector to my alternator as the other one’s plastic socket fell apart. I soldered the wires and put heat shrink tubing over the splices  and that job was done.

Next, I needed to repair a bracket that I had to cut last time I installed a new master brake cylinder. The master cylinder wasn’t quite the right one, but I could make it fit, so I did. This bracket keeps the emergency brake cable from rubbing on the master cylinder which keeps the cable from fraying. I needed to weld some tabs on the ends and drill holes in them to bolt the bracket back in it’s place. The bracket had a bunch of bends and curves in it that I had to fit just right to make it work, so it took a long time to get it right.

I welded those end pieces on with the holes in them and bent it just right to fit.braket


I put some gray paint on it and set it to dry.

Headed to Jenner for the sunset

Around six PM, I headed down to Jenner to kayak. Not too many people kayaking at this time. I put my boat in the water and headed up stream towards Muskrat Nest beach at a leisurely pace.

This is Muskrat Nest beach. It has lots of grass and is usually out of the wind.muskrat


I sat there for an hour or so waiting for the sun to get lower in the sky.

An eerie loon

A loon was letting loose with it’s call. It sounded a little like coyotes. Very load and eerie.

As I started to head down river, the loon drifted towards me, before flying off down the river. loon


A noisy chopper

I was headed over to Paddy’s rock when this coast guard chopper flew over. It was returning from a mission, as twenty minutes before about ten emergency rigs went up above Jenner somewhere screaming their sirens all the way.chooper


About a half hour later, something else happened up the coast as another set of emergency rigs went by with another chopper. It’s usually road accidents or someone in the ocean is in trouble.

Suns heading down

This is what it looked like as I crossed over to Paddy’s rock.river


Dead harbor seal

I saw something up ahead along the shoreline that looked like a harbor seal, but it wasn’t moving. It was dead, but I have no idea why?deadseal


Buddy Birds

Just past the dead seal these pipers where huddled real close together, maybe for the night as it would be dark soon.pipers


Sunset colors

I paddled along watching the advancing sunset.setsun


There were lots of different colors as the sun went down.sun2


The sun went down  and this was the view as I  headed to the boat ramp.sunset2


I pulled my boat out of the water just about dark. I could have stayed and checked out the lumens, but I’m planning on doing that tomorrow night, so I went on home.

Nice day finished off with a nice sunset.

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