Van Work and a Dirt Bike Ride Up Into the Forest

Saturday July 1, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Over heating problem

I had a careful look at the van to see if I could find anything wrong with the van’s cooling system to try and determine why it over heated on the way home.van1


Everything seems to be working which only leaves one thing left to be bad. That’s the thermostat sticking closed.

Since I live in such a moderate climate, I don’t really need that thermostat, so, to  make sure it isn’t or doesn’t cause any more problems, I’m thinking of just removing it so it will never be a problem again.

That’s all I wanted to do on that for now. I’ll remove the thermostat at a later time.

Ride in the forest

I didn’t feel like doing too much today, so I checked the bike’s gas and went for a ride up into the forest.


I checked the spring I’d been working on to see if any more dirt slid down off the hill while I was gone and it didn’t which is good. I’ll get that dug out soon.spring2


I rode on up this trail to see if any water was still coming over the waterfall.trail3


I parked the bike here to check out the waterfall.ferns4



There’s a little water coming down, but not much. Just enough to make a pool at the bottom for birds and animals to get a drink.fall5


From there, I rode down this trail and on up to the hill top.trail6


I stopped here to enjoy the view.view7


I noticed this sitting stump was getting overgrown.brush8


I had some trimmers with me, so I cut the brush back so I had a place to sit to enjoy the view.stump9


Main spring

Then I rode on over to the main spring to get a drink and see how much water was coming out of the pipe.spring10


There’s about three gallons a minute coming out of this one which is good.

Another spring

Then I rode on over to this spring I’ve been working on and got another drink of water. This is just a drink of water spring for people and animals and birds.spring11


Water tanks

After a good ride around the hills I headed back down the hill and stopped at our water tanks to see how full they were.tanks13


Stuck gauge

The gauge was stuck so I had to play with it a bit to get it to register properly. I need to oil up the pulleys. The gauge shows the tanks are down four feet from the top with water which is good as me and my neighbor have been doing a lot of watering in our yards today.



I rode on  home for a nap.

And then cut some blackberry vines out of the yard. They are growing like mad this yard and growing back almost as fast as I cut them back.vines14


Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Seems not too much catching up after being gone a month.

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