Walking In a Luscious Forest After It Rains

Thursday April 21, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Forest walk

It rained a bit last night. That meant the forest was real luscious today as when it rains that’s what happens to forests.

Place to check out

I had a place I wanted to check out so I  hopped on the quad runner and took off for the forest. It seemed like it might drizzle a bit so I left my rain gear at home to help it along.

I rode on up on this road.road1


And rode on up this trail.trail2


To this spot where I parked the quad runner.quad5


I was looking across the creek at this spot with all the light on it towards the back there as I saw a bunch of trees down and it just looked like an interesting area to hike on through.forest3


I crossed the creek here and went up the other side.forest5


Up I went on through this sorrel and off to the right.forest7


There wasn’t a trail here so I just had to pick my way to get through the area. Some of it was easy.hike6


And other parts I had to climb over stuff such as these trees that had fallen some time back.trees9


I checked out this moss ravine to see if there were any water springs in it. There wasn’t.ravine10


Tougher spots

This tree got knocked over by another tree about the same size that fell over. I had to get on over it, picking my way.tree11


And I went on through these trees headed back down the hill.forest12


Looking for the trail

I knew a trail was in these trees somewhere so I looked for it as trails are an easier way to go.forest13


I found the trail and walked up it to get my quad runner to return on home.trees14



But before I went home I went by the waterfall to see if it was flowing any better after the rains. It was flowing a little better but not much, but it had a nice waterfall sound to it.fall15



On the way home I stopped on the trail several times to throw sticks off it that had fallen in the wind the other day.sticks16


Once home I had nap and then went outside to enjoy the rest of the day chair hopping.


The sun went down in the west as I watched some new rain clouds coming in.sky17


Nice day.

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One Response to Walking In a Luscious Forest After It Rains

  1. Barb in Florida says:

    Thanks for taking us in the forest. Many thoughts as I read:

    I can almost smell the fresh forest air.
    What happens to a clump of redwoods like next to where you parked?
    Do they die off one by one? Have they grown from an old stump?
    I bet not many have ever walked through that area.
    You’re very lucky to have this beautiful forest to wander.
    Wish I could beam over for a hike.
    Do you have to check for ticks? :o)
    Have another wonderful day, Bob.

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