Doing What Older Retired People Should Be Doing

Saturday May 29, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Yard day

I’d planned to go up in the hills and do some more trail work but. It was such a nice day I never got out of the yard.

I tended the chickens and then chair hopped around the yard sitting in this chair for awhile with this view.yard1


Old well work

Eventually I did work on the old well running this  turning the valve on and off to lift the sediment out of the old well. Turning the valve on and off helps pick up the sediment at the bottom of the well.valve2


The chickens enjoy the discharge water.water3


For a couple hours work I get about this much sand out of the old well, about two inches worth, a slow process.sand


Raspberries getting ripe

My raspberries are starting to ripen faster than I can eat them which is nice as I can eat a lot of them.raspberries6


I ate some strawberries too in the blueberry patch . The blueberries are just starting to ripen so I ate a few of them.strawberries7


Some more of my raspberries. They are popping up everywhere like weeds.raspberries8


And my loquats are getting riper so they aren’t quite as sour. They aren’t really that sour but more like fruity.loquats9


High cherries

I’ve been eating a lot of cherries and now most of the bottoms of the trees are eaten up so now I have to figure out how to get the ones way up high.tree10


See, lots of cherries up there. One of my ways to get some of them is to climb up into the tree which is ok as long as I don’t look down and stay in the middle of it. :O)cherries


The tallest ladder I have is ten feet and this cherry tree is over 50 feet tall and I don’t like heights much so it’s a challenge.

Nice easy day for an older retired guy eh.

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