Working On Getting the Old Well Hooked up

Sunday May 9, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Work day

I needed to get back to work on  hooking up the old well. The pump was in and I needed to hook up the electrical controls.well


I needed to replace this controller but first I needed to make a better mount for it.controls


Constructing a mount box

I scrounged around for something to make it out of preferably something of redwood as it lasts the longest taking a long time to rot compared to other woods.

I was able to put this mount together all out of redwood. The control boxes being used are rain proof so this just gives them a bit more protection.panel


Wired up

Installed the new controller box and wired everything up and was almost finished at this point.boxes


Ready to test it

Once all the covers were on I was finished and it was ready to test.boxed


I only wanted to see if it was all hooked up right for now so I just tapped the on switch until I saw the water pressure come up on the gauge which it did so I turned it off for now as it was late in the day.

Checking the tanks water level

After a break and starting dinner and cooking it I put it aside to cool and got on the dirt bike to ride up and check out the water level in our spring water tanks to see if the level had improved overnight or not. The pink ribbon gauge showed the tank had gained about a foot of water since yesterday which was a good thing or we’d  have to reduce our usage some more. The tanks are about half full.gauge


Dirt bike ride

As long as I was on the dirt bike I went for a short ride going up this road by the water tanks.road


I made a loop and came back down through here.trees


I made it back to my house and put the dirt bike away and went in to eat my cooled down dinner.

Nice day.

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