Yard Puttering and a Raid on Armstrong Valley Farm Strawberry Patch

Saturday April 25, 2015 Guerneville CA.

Armstrong Valley Farm

I’d decided to stay home today and putter in the yard and mow some of the weeds. It rained a bit last night, so the weeds were too wet to mow so that was out. That left puttering around in the yard, so I mostly did that today which didn’t get a lot accomplished, but was nice just the same.

My pink climbing rose is starting to have some nice blooms on it.pinkrose


Raided my brother’s strawberry patch

Later in the day, I decided to make a raid on my brother’s strawberry patch. He runs Armstrong Valley Farm and sells at the markets. One of his gardens is about a block from my house, so I headed out that way through this gate of one of my neighbors. That’s an apple tree blooming by the old gate.gate


As I popped up out of the creek, this was my view going towards his garden area and his green house. More apple trees blooming on the left.house


Peaked in the green house

I peaked into his green house to see what he had growing. A lot of stuff as it’s spring and time to get plants into the ground for the year which he’s been busy doing.greenhouse


Where’s the strawberry patch?

I was looking for his strawberry patch somewhere out here. I passed by some of his lettuces just getting close to harvesting.lettuse


I walked down the left side of this picture looking for those berries.gaardem


Past lots of different kinds of plants just getting ready to take off as the days are warming up.plants


The sun was going behind a mountain as I walked along here making a loop and headed back to the left of the green house now.farms


Potato plants

He had a lot of potato plants growing that I walked past looking for the strawberries.potaatoes



The strawberry patch was  just past the potatoes and looking good.strawpatch


Yum, yum, yum, I ate a few of those delicious berries.strawberry


The strawberries are just getting started, so there’ll be even more of them getting ripe soon.

I was just headed out of the garden and looking back as I took this photo.farm


Now that I had my fill of strawberries I sat around the yard enjoying the evening. While I was sitting there doing that, I heard these valley quail sneaking around me.quail


That was pretty much my day, a rather easy one.

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