A Bit of Rain and A Bit of Puttering Around the Yard

Saturday November 6, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Bit of rain

It was doing some light rain and drizzle as I got it going today so I stayed in the house until it stopped just after noon or so.

Chair hopping

I didn’t have any plans to do  much today so I did some chair hopping with the chickens to start things off.leaves


Chickens working over an area while I watch.birdds


War with the wild Blackberry vines

I noticed the wild blackberry vines needed some trimming so I got the loppers out and cut the vines where ever I saw them in the yard and then I went into the raspberry patch and cut the blackberry vines down that were taking off in there. I worked on this until my back said enough.vines


No mulching today

I resisted moving any more mulch today even though the wheelbarrow was loaded and ready to go. The woodchip pile is getting smaller.woodchips


Critter piles

I had trimmed this bamboo the other day but didn’t get around to cleaning it up so I picked up the brush and put it in the critter pile, that’s what I call my brush piles as critters like to hide in them and use them for other stuff too. Critters like brush piles.bamboo


With the late start in the day because of the rain, the day was soon over.

Nice day.

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