Walking Around in Jenner, CA. and a Little Kayaking Too

Monday August 26 2013 Jenner, CA.

Let’s start with the kayaking

Well, first I guess we need to start with getting there. The power went off at my house around 3 AM last night. Seems a huge tree fell down in Guernewood park and took out five power poles. The road was closed so I had to use the detour across the river to get to Monte Rio, across the Vacation Beach summer dam.

Coming back, the road was partially open. I didn’t see the tree but there sure were a lot of repair trucks on the scene putting things back together. Apparently, this area was a real mess this morning before they got it cleaned up enough for traffic.

This is the scene as I went by on the way home, just past the cabin we had the elementary school reunion at this weekend. I think we might have been lucky this happened just after we were done as it would of made things a bit hard on us, no power and the road closed and all, and all the commotion too.treedown


I was on the water around eleven this morning, headed across to Penny Island and on up the river at a leisurely pace. The White Pelicans were on the east end of Penny Island as I went by. Some geese were also with them. They seem to get along well. Some light fog was blowing around too, but it was fairly warm and nice out just the same.pelicans


The pelicans were doing a lot of preening too, at least the ones that weren’t sleeping.pelicans2


I moved on up the river on the south side on up to eagle’s landing were I sat around for awhile watching things.

After awhile I went a little further up river where I ran into this osprey sitting in a tree watching me.osprey


It stayed there quite awhile until I got too close and it took off.

Just getting ready to jump into the air and land a short distance ahead of me.osprey4


From there I headed on back down the river, down the backside of Penny Island. This big old redwood stump sits on the beach. It’s about six feet in diameter at the cut end. The are gnarly looking things which add a lot of character to the scenery in the area. That gull walked into the picture at a fast pace and hurried on.redwoodstump


I went on down to the river’s mouth, which was open and high tide and windy too. After awhile I headed on in for the day.

I took my boat out and put it on the car, locked up the car and headed on up the road that goes up to the houses of Jenner, on foot. I hadn’t ever walked all the way up there before, so I thought this would be a good time to check it out, as I had a bit of time. I was also looking for John’s place, the guy who runs Lotus kayak rentals in Jenner as I might need to know where his house is for renting kayaks real late at night. That way he could go to bed and not have to pick up any kayaks I might need in the future. He was real good about renting some to my reunion people during the night, a few nights ago.

The roads up there are narrow paved ones. I went past the old Jenner school house which is no longer in use, and needs some tender loving care.jennerschoolhouse


There were lots of these pink flowers blooming. I’ve forgotten their name, but they sure looked nice. Maybe Pink Ladies?flowers


At first I couldn’t find John’s house. I stopped and talked with a guy for awhile, but he just moved here. I filled him with a bunch of good info on kayaking the area, met his wife and continued on looking for John’s place.

This the view up river from the upper road.riverview


I was starting to think I wouldn’t find John’s house as I was almost around all the roads, when I finally spotted his old red pickup truck right near the last part of the road I had to walk.

From there I continued on down the road back to my car where I ran into Steve who was going to go kayaking. He said, you going out, I said no, already did and I’m going home for a much needed nap.

So I went on home and by now they had opened the closed road in Guernewood park with one lane, which was nice.

Another fine day.

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